How to have a positive impact on the ones around you?

08 Oct 2021

positive impact volunteering

We’re living in strange times. Everything from the geopolitical climate to the literal climate is heating up. And to say this chaotic climate is having a negative impact would be a vast understatement! 

Especially in times like these, it can be easy to feel like even your best efforts are just a drop in the bucket in comparison with all the suffering there is in the world. But it’s not necessarily true. Here are four different ways that you can positively impact people around you:

Positive mind = positive impact

Ok, first things first. 

It’s time to snap out of that negative self-talk and set your sights on more optimistic horizons! From an individual perspective, taking the initiative to think positively can have a myriad of benefits: everything from improved physical and mental health to greater resistance to illnesses and even a longer lifespan!

And just as the power of positivity radiates benefits from within, studies have shown that it’s contagious, too! A variety of research has shown that it’s possible for people to “catch” positive emotions from others and become happier, have more energy, and feel less stressed. We’d call that a win for everyone involved! 

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Get involved in your community

If you’re looking to have a positive impact on the people around you, there’s no better way than volunteering in your community. This can sound a little overwhelming at first, and so many people often get overwhelmed considering when, where, and how to start!

The first thing to consider is what you’re good at — but more importantly, what you’re passionate about. 

Are you someone who is passionate about animal welfare? Find a local animal shelter where you can volunteer your time to caring for unhoused animals and helping them find their forever homes. 

Know your way around a kitchen? There are soup kitchens and shelters that would love to have help from someone like you! 

More of the studious type? How about helping to tutor underprivileged children? And if you’re a people person — well, the options are limitless! You might consider volunteering to read or socialise with the elderly at retirement homes, rolling up your sleeves on a political campaign, or maybe even starting a charitable organisation of your own! 

Eat a kinder, more sustainable diet

Science has confirmed that eating meat is significantly contributing to climate change. It’s not just the methane (a greenhouse gas 34 times more potent than CO2) emitted by livestock that’s trapped beneath the ozone layer and warming the planet at an alarming rate. It’s also the destruction of forests and other habitats to make way for pasture so livestock can feed. And the massive amounts of water that are required to grow the plants to feed this livestock. 

The other large, factory-raised elephant in the room is the fact that factory farming is unspeakably cruel to the animals that are slaughtered for consumption. Food scientists have confirmed that so-called lab-grown meat is just around the corner. Before you get grossed out, it’s identical to the juicy steaks and hamburgers we love in every way — except no animals were harmed in the making. 

But until then, scientists have confirmed that a plant-based diet is a great way for us to eat in order to combat climate change. If going vegan sounds like your worst nightmare, just try to cut back on your meat consumption and experiment with veg-based alternatives that you enjoy. Just because it’s a more sustainable diet doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious!

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Embrace sustainable living

The push toward sustainable living is anything but a trend. And as we slowly start to comprehend just how dire our fight against climate change is becoming, one of the most positive things we can do to have an impact on those around us is to try and live in a more eco-friendly way by reducing, reusing, and recycling whenever we can. 

One fantastic option is to choose companies with environmental initiatives, who are just as committed to making a change for the better. For example, Bolt has a Green Plan which has carbon offsetting CO2 emissions as only the first step in the company’s bold plan to reduce its ecological footprint! 

You don’t have to do anything other than use your consumer power wisely. So, the next time you have somewhere to go, choose the sustainable option — take Bolt! 

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