How to order a Bolt ride? What to do if you lost an item? FAQ about the Bolt app

03 Dec 2020

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Making sure you’re satisfied with every Bolt ride is our top priority. Along the way, we receive loads of questions from our riders about using the app, changing payment methods or sending us feedback. Here are the most popular questions and their answers.

Frequently asked questions from Bolt riders

How to order a Bolt ride?

Requesting a ride with the Bolt app is very easy. First, you need to download the app. Once you have it, follow these steps:

  • Open the app;
  • Add your ride destination;
  • Select your preferred ride-type;
  • Confirm your request.

category selection screen – order screen 2

Make sure you choose the payment option you prefer. We strongly recommend using in-app payments, as they are both safer and more convenient for you and your driver. You can always add or change your card information in the Payments section of your Bolt app, which can be found by tapping on the Menu icon in the top-left corner of the screen.

If you’re experiencing any issues when requesting a ride don’t hesitate to contact our Support team via the app –– just tap on the Help tab in the Menu.

Did you know that you can also order a Bolt ride without downloading the app? Head to our article about the Bolt Web app to find out how.

How to add multiple stops to my route?

You can make up to three stops in a single trip, the last one being the final destination on your journey.

Here’s how to do add multiple stops to your Bolt trip:

  • Open the Bolt app;
  • Start searching for your destination;
  • Use the small “+” symbol to add an additional stop;
  • If you wish to delete an added stop, just tap on the “X” next to the address box.

Multiple Destinations

After the trip has been started, your driver sees that it’s a ride with multiple stops and the route with all the stops on the map will be visible in their Bolt driver app.

Find out more about the Multiple Destinations app feature.

How can I share my arrival time with my friends?

With safety in mind, we have a Share Trip Info function that appears mid-ride, right under your driver’s profile. You can share your current trip details with trusted friends and family members during every ride. This makes it easier for loved ones to keep track of your journey and know when you’ll arrive.

Read more about the Share Trip Info feature

What’s Bolt Protect?

To make Bolt rides even safer, we launched our Bolt Protect ride-type in over 15 cities across the world. All cars listed in this ride-type have a protective plastic sheet installed between the front and the back seats of the car –– the aim is to limit the airflow around the car and reduce the chance of spreading infection.

bolt protect

Pricing is the same as in the regular Bolt ride-type, however, due to popular demand, the arrival times may vary from other ride-types.

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What should I do if I leave something in a Bolt car?

If you left something in your Bolt ride, you’ll have 24 hours to contact the driver via the Bolt app. To do so:

  • Open your Bolt app;
  • Tap on the Menu icon in the top-left of the app;
  • Then click Ride history;
  • Select the correct ride;
  • Contact the driver.

If more than 24 hours have elapsed, please contact our Support team via the app and provide them with the ride details and a description of the item.

But what to do if you lost your phone?

If that’s the case, please contact our Support team via email. You can find the right contact from our Cities pages.

how to order a bolt ride-min

How can I contact Bolt Support?

The quickest way to get in touch with the Bolt Support team is via your app. All you need to do is open your Bolt app, choose “Support” from the upper right menu icon and send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from Bolt notifications?

Whether you wish to receive more or less Bolt news, all you need to do is:

  • Open the app;
  • Tap on the Menu icon;
  • Click on your profile;
  • Head to Communication preferences;
  • Slide the toggle to either subscribe to or unsubscribe from Bolt messages.

If you change your mind, you can always go back and change your preferences.

How can I change my payment details?

Whether your bank card expired or you just need to add a new one, you can do so in the Payments section of the Bolt app. Open the Menu, select Payments, then tap ‘Add payment card’.

payments screen

How do I tip my Bolt driver?

If you wish to tip your driver after a lovely Bolt ride, you can easily do so through the Bolt app.

The option to tip your driver through the app will be open for 15 minutes after your ride has finished. And remember, 100% of your tip will be sent directly to the driver.

Can I travel with my pet?

We have launched a dedicated Pet ride-type in some Bolt markets. You can check the availability of this service from the app.

If the Pet ride-type is not available in your country but you would like to or need to travel with your pet, please contact the driver after requesting a ride to ask if they would be fine with it. It’s up to the driver to make the decision.

travel with pet_bolt

In any case, please make sure your pet will be safe during the ride and use a travel crate or a harness seatbelt, if possible.

If riding with an assistance animal, please know that you have a legal right to be accompanied by them when travelling with Bolt. If your driver refuses to accept your ride because of your assistance animal, please get in touch with us through the app as soon as possible –– we take such reports extremely seriously.

What should I do if my Bolt app crashes?

If you’re experiencing any troubles when requesting a Bolt ride or your app crashed mid-ride, here are some troubleshooting steps:

  • Force stop the app and open it again.
  • Check if there’s a newer version of the app available and update.
  • Update your phone operating system.
  • Restart your phone.

If nothing else fixes the problem, reinstall the app. And if even that doesn’t solve anything and you cannot open the app anymore, please contact our Support team via email. You can find the necessary contact information from our Cities pages.

How can I give feedback about my Bolt driver or their vehicle?

After your trip is finished, we kindly ask you to rate your ride and driver. One star symbolises a very poor experience, giving five stars means you were really happy with everything.

You also have an option to leave detailed feedback –– whether good or bad, this is really important as it helps us to either improve or maintain our service quality.

rate your driver screen

If you accidentally left an incorrect rating, it’s not currently possible to change it. However, you can reach out to our Support team and let them know about it via your Bolt app.

How can I use a Bolt promo code?

To find your promo code open the Bolt app and open the Menu.

Tap on Free trips and then do as requested. It’s super-easy, all you need to do is share your promo code with a friend and you’ll BOTH get a discount on your next ride once they’ve used the code for their first Bolt trip.

How to share a Bolt promo code with your friends.

Need a ride? Bolt!

There you have it, those are the answers to the most popular questions about using Bolt.

If your question wasn’t listed here, fear not! Let us know what you need help with by contacting our Support team via the app or send us a message via our social media pages.

Whenever you need a ride around town, know that Bolt has always got your back. All you need to do is download the app and request a ride!

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