Self-care hour: best apps to keep your daily life running smoothly

07 Feb 2022

it’s always the right time to start focusing on yourself. Whether you’re a newbie in the self-care section or have been an inner-looking zen-cracking guru for quite some time now, there are some good tools that help you stay on track.

Check out these meditation, journaling, calendar, and self-care apps that help you with putting your mental and physical health first.

Top 5 best meditation apps


If you’re looking for better sleep, less stress, and improved focus, Calm has got you covered. One of the most popular self-care apps out there (… for good reason!), Calm can help you boost your serotonin levels and become cool, calm (!), and collected.

Works both on Android and iOS, you can try it out for free.


Headspace’s 10-day beginner’s course will get you started with the basics of meditation. It’s a solid base for becoming more mindful of the bigger and smaller happenings in your daily life. No more crying over spilt milk!

Works both on Android and iOS, check it out from here.


Expert-led guided journeys for daily meditation, improving your work productivity, or just learning how to let go. Unplug will be your guide on the path of healing yourself and through self-care, being bigger and better support for the ones around you.

As a first step, you can try out Unplug’s 7-day Rise, Click, Meditate challenge.

Ten Percent Happier

Imagine being the calmest person in the room. No matter what happens, still cool as a cucumber. Ten Percent Happier will give you the tools and the knowledge to become that.

The best way to get started? Meet the teachers on the Ten Percent Happier app.


Cognitive behavioural therapy, boosting emotional intelligence, finding your way in the spiritual world through self-care — a few keywords to describe what the Aura app is about. Improving your emotional and mental health doesn’t have to be time-consuming or hard.

Take the first step towards a more wholesome you by filling-in Aura’s quiz.

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Top 5 calendar and time-planning apps

Google Calendar

You know what they say about the classics, right? They’re classic for a reason. The same goes for something as simple as a calendar. Multiple views of your day, week, and month, guest invites, calendar on the web, and more. And, in case you lose your phone, everything is stored online.

Download it for iOS or Android from Google’s website.


Would you like to see a pretty and colourful dashboard of how you spend your time? Calendar gives you that and an AI that uses machine learning to develop a time-planning experience design specifically for your needs.

Say what? Yes, exactly! Check it out from here.


What if we told you that there’s an app that helps you stay focused and reveals the biggest production killers in your daily life? Acting as a coach, RescueTime will help you gain back control over your time.

See for yourself.


Work, social life, kids, and that very much-needed time for yourself — quite a juggling act, isn’t it? Initially designed as a tool to keep track of your projects at work, Toggl will help you get things in order both during and outside office hours.

Take back control of your time.

Outlook Calendar

Perhaps all the flashy, fun and colourful new tools above just aren’t for you. Outlook Calendar has everything you need and perhaps a little bit more. You do you.

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Top 5 health and fitness apps

MyFitness Pal

Calories in, calories out, right? But what’s the best way to track nutrients without losing track? We vote for MyFitness Pal. To make tracking calories easy for you, MyFitness pal has a barcode scanner and a huge database of various foods.

Works on iOS and Android, get it from here.

Nike Training Club

Self-care is about both your mental and physical health. NCT will give you the tools, the motivation and the support you need to get that body moving. From HIIT to yoga, from beginner to expert, this app has it all.

Get the app and fire up those glutes.

Asana Rebel

Whether you wish to shed a few pounds or build strength, Asana Rebel is a lifestyle app that will help you along the way. And while doing so, it teaches you to love yourself in ways that you didn’t think possible.

Start your journey today.

PEAR Personal Fitness Coach

Every body is different. So, how about having a training program that’s specific to your needs right on your phone? PEAR offers a wide array of workout packages and coaches, and the app syncs perfectly with other fitness trackers and devices, allowing you to keep track of your performance.

Hire that online personal trainer.


This one is for the ladies. You can toss out that paperback calendar from your wallet, there’s an app to track your cycle. And it’s as convenient as it can get, self-care and love at its finest.

Learn more about your body with Clue.

The best apps to help you with self-care

If everything above is TL;DR, here’s a snapshot of a few recommendations for some of the best self-care apps out there:

  • Calm
  • Headspace
  • Unplug
  • Ten Percent Happier
  • Aura
  • Google Calendar
  • Calendar
  • aCalendar
  • Toggl
  • Outlook Calendar
  • MyFitness Pal
  • Nike Training Club
  • Asana Rebel
  • PEAR Personal Fitness Coach
  • Clue

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