Take this quiz to find out what Women’s March icon you are most like and win R35,000!

20 Aug 2021

Czech woman driver Kateřina

In August, South Africa commemorates Women’s Month in honour of the 22,000 women who marched to The Union Buildings to deliver more than 100,000 signatures, taking a stand against issues affecting the mobility of women in Apartheid South Africa.

At Bolt, one of our missions is to actively connect women with better opportunities for their own advancement while offering safe and affordable rides at the tap of a button.

This year we’re happy to introduce something that speaks directly to this mission: #RoadToEqual, Bolt’s commitment to making the journey towards equality a bit fairer.

Equal Journeys: Ride for women 

Recent reports have shown that Africa has the highest growth in businesses developed and run by women.

However, the average person claims to not know any businesses owned or run by women. Women-led organisations are extremely under-researched and undersupported.

With #RoadToEqual, we aim to close the awareness gap by making it easier for people to support women-led or centred organisations near them.

When we say equal, we mean equal 

Bolt ensures that we close all gender gaps we can within our organisation and with our partners.

Bolt women drivers are paid exactly the same as men drivers. We have put measures in place to ensure that women drivers can get these earnings in the safest and most comfortable way possible. Over the last year, we launched a ride-type specifically for women riders and drivers. If you have always wanted to earn extra money or be a full-time driver, Bolt is the best platform for you as a woman.

Sign up to drive now during women’s month and get an additional sign-up bonus.

Want to know more about your history?

We’ve also created a fun quiz to help you learn more about the 4 leaders of the historic Women’s March that was held on the 9th of August in 1956.

Take the quiz to see which leader you share the most personality traits with, share this on social media and you could stand the chance to win R35,000 towards your business or tuition as well as other awesome prizes.

Here’s what you’ll need to do to participate:

1) Take our quiz to discover your personae;

2) Share your result on your Instagram or Twitter page with a caption about what elements of the icons journey you find most relatable to your own journey in life, business or anything else;

3) Tag at least three friends to join in;

4) Use the hashtag #RoadToEqual and tag @bolt_southafrica.

And, if you need a ride, we’ve got your back. Just download the app and your driver will be there in no time!

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