What’s the weather like tomorrow? Best forecast sites for local weather

05 Oct 2021

There are many things to love about the weather: warm days without a cloud in the sky or the smell after the rain — and rainbows of course!

But what’s not to love is a surprise downpour. Or a snow flurry when you’re in shorts and open-toed sandals. So to keep from having your day ruined by the weather, here are our picks for the best weather app — in our humble opinion, of course!

Dark Sky: the best weather app

This app doesn’t just have a cool name. It’s also the reigning champion of weather apps. And for good reason. 

Dark Sky is so powerful that it can tell you when your area will be experiencing precipitation down to the minute. They’ll even send you a notification to give you a warning to take cover! Dark Sky is gorgeously designed, but it’s also one of the most detailed weather apps on the planet! 

The only problem with Dark Sky is that since being acquired by Apple in 2020 it is no longer available for Android users. Other than that, Dark Sky is still our pick for best weather app and we’re confident it’s the one you’ve been waiting your entire life for!  

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AccuWeather: for crowdsourced local weather

This award-winning (and free!) app is ultra-popular among mobile users — and for good reason! 

AccuCast is a feature that allows users to share weather observations in real-time to keep others in the area up-to-date in real-time. In fact, it’s a little like the popular crowdsourced driving app Waze — only for the weather! If you love a hyperlocal approach to weather forecasting, you’ll love AccuWeather!

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1Weather: for a detailed forecast of the weather today

When you have 1Weather, you might as well have a meteorologist living in your pocket. Don’t be fooled by the clean design — this app has all kinds of customization options so you can always be in the know about the local weather. 

You can learn all about the weather today — whether the forecast calls for rain, sun, or snow flurries. But you can also learn more about the current temperature, thermal sensation, wind speed, humidity, UV index, pressure, and dew point. If you want detailed, accurate weather forecasts, download 1Weather today!

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Carrot Weather: if you like your weather forecast with a 100% chance of snarky

Carrot Weather actually pulls its data from the teacher’s pet of weather apps, the aforementioned Dark Sky, to provide current, hourly, and weekly weather forecasts. But what it lacks in its own meteorology data, it makes up for in snark. 

The app is peppered with a sarcastic humour that can create a ray of sunshine in even the gloomiest forecast for the weather next week. You can configure the humour on Carrot from friendly, sarcastic, to downright murderous — and there’s even a handy setting so you can set how political you want the AI’s jokes to get. 

Often overshadowed by the snappy copy is the beautiful design. Apple bypassed its own in-house Weather App to award the Apple Design Award to Carrot earlier this year. If you’re looking for a weather app with a bit more personality than normal, Carrot Weather is definitely the app for you!

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Weather Bug: for great graphics and hyperlocal updates

Whether you’re looking to find out more about the weather today or the weather tomorrow, Weather Bug is a fantastic option. 

You can organize your forecasts into tabs so you can have an up-to-date look at the current forecast, a tab for the weather this week, and yet another for the weather next week! With a simple glance at your screen, you can instantly find out the maximum and minimum temperature, thermal sensation, state of the sky, speed and direction of the wind, and quality of the air. 

You’ll also find out information about times for sunrise and sunset as well as the moon phases. If you’re looking for an app with powerful forecasting technology and a streamlined UI, Weather Bug is the app for you!

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Wanna stop worrying about the weather?

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