Bolt Drive

The Bolt Drive team is responsible for developing, maintaining, and scaling Bolt’s car-sharing solution, encouraging people to switch from car ownership to driving on demand. Our teams work to create and deliver a frictionless experience and hassle-free personal mobility to millions of our users, with access to thousands of cars located across multiple cities in Europe available at your fingertips.

Our teams

Local Operations
The Local Operation team’s key objective is to ensure the daily operations of our business run smoothly. We do that by building, managing, and scaling our car-sharing business in the countries where we operate.

Meet our people

Lukas Yla, Director of Carsharing Operations

Why Bolt? It's our mission and ambition to transform urban mobility on a global scale. We're uniquely positioned to create lasting change in how people navigate cities. With countless challenges and the constant push to leave our comfort zones, Bolt is the perfect environment for driven and ambitious individuals.

Lukas Yla
Director of Carsharing Operations
Kristi Purik, Operations Specialist

I like it at Bolt because we are constantly changing and have to adapt to new situation. It's not a match for all, but I enjoy it because that means life at Bolt is also interesting. Additionally, there are endless opportunities for personal development.

Kristi Purik
Operations Specialist

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