Mobility teams help our customers book scooter or e-bike rides, reserve and use Bolt Drive cars, or order a ride through our ride-hailing app. We build applications used by hundreds of thousands of customers and drivers in 45+ countries daily.


The Rentals team takes care of everything you can rent, ride or drive. We support the full cycle of our products, providing client applications, admin tooling, backend services, and maintenance products.

Transporter App

The Transporter App team enables Bolt to manage Bolt Drive cars — cleaning, washing, refuelling, repairing, and relocating around the city. It’s meant for warehouse workers and unlocks access to basic car operations when a certain task is assigned to the worker. The team uses React Native to support both iOS and Android devices.

Drive Client

The Drive Client team enables our clients to use car-sharing through the Bolt application. We want our business to grow fast by experimenting with new features and dealing with hyper-growth challenges.

Micromobility Client

The Micromobility Client team enables clients to solve last-mile problems using scooters and e-bikes through a convenient mobile Bolt application. Our main focus is the ease of use, improving UX, and testing new features for our scooters and e-bikes.


We believe in a future where every ride could begin from the Bolt app, whether by bike, scooter, or car ride. Our engineering teams are building an app that combines them all.

Work Profile

The Work Profile team develops an invoice mapping tool attached to Bolt’s main application, allowing customers to quickly and easily send ride invoices to their employers. The work profiles also contain expense integrations, allowing customers to automatically send invoices to ERP systems.

Business Portal

The Business Portal team is responsible for allowing customers to handle their business invoices, ride policies, and credits. This is the perfect tool for any company that wants to provide employees with Bolt’s services as a job perk.


The Ride-booker team is building a tool that allows business customers to order rides for employees and guests using a simple and intuitive interface. As an added benefit, the ride-booker also contains a public API interface, allowing business customers to directly order Bolt rides from their systems.


The Rider Experience team is building apps that are native mobile applications which include everything — from sign-in and sign-up flow, ride ordering, processing dozens of flows, and rating the ride. The Rides core teams are responsible for the ride-hailing order lifecycle from search and matching to dispatching and finishing the order.


The Driver Experience team is building an application used by hundreds of thousands of drivers in 45+ countries daily. Thanks to our work, drivers can accept incoming ride requests, get insights into their earnings and quality of service, and manage their documents. We’re using Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS, which allows us to have a modular architecture, and constantly optimise for app size and data consumption.

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