Platform Group

The Platform team builds high-level tools for Bolt’s product verticals and provides quality-tailored solutions to optimise ROI. The team builds products that Bolt customers interact with and systems that the company depends on.


Platform teams build a set of high-level tools for Bolt’s product verticals. The team aims to provide quality, tailored solutions, and builds products that Bolt customers interact with and systems that the company depends on.


The Web team is responsible for maintaining, developing, and applying the best performance, accessibility and security principles to web applications and pages at Bolt. Together with web analytics, testing, and reporting tools, our team ensures our visitors have a seamless online experience.


The Comms team is building a self-service platform for communication solutions. Our team enables our customers to communicate with us and allows Bolt to reach out to our users through different channels (push, chat, emails, SMS, VoIP, phone calls, and more).

Identity and Trust

The Identity and Trust team is responsible for knowing who Bolt users are and sharing their credentials between systems internally. This includes having a central identity for the user and verifying them against the data they provide and third-party resources.


The Beehive team is responsible for providing other Bolt teams with a platform for managing customer relations and operational tasks. We enable efficient work distribution among the available workforce while meeting quality targets.

CS Product

The Customer Support Product team takes care of the support aspects of Bolt products. We're responsible for end-user interfaces around customer support and the tooling around managing and resolving customer issues. We apply various ML models to automatically identify and resolve user problems in seconds.


The Maps team is responsible for all geo aspects at Bolt — from routing to address search to building the maps infrastructure to support these needs for all Bolt verticals.

Maps Improvements

The Maps Improvements team is responsible for researching ways of making our internal maps better. For example, finding missing roads, inferring one-ways, and using street-level images to determine road restrictions. We also take care of the internal map, synchronising it with upstream data and allowing map specialists to make internal-only changes.


The Tracking team is responsible for capturing, processing, and making available the vast amounts of location information our drivers and couriers generate. Our mission is to provide a highly available service for storing and querying tracking data while accurately assessing its accuracy and performing corrections.

Geo Places

The Geo Places team supports the order flow, from ensuring our customers type as little as possible — preferably nothing — to selecting a destination and suggesting the best pickup locations.

Internal maps

The Internal Maps team takes care of routing and ETA estimations. This involves computing our own traffic data from historical orders and determining a city's live state of traffic. There is significant engineering complexity around keeping all pieces of data flowing through to our Internal Router. We work closely with the Data Science team to improve ETA prediction accuracy.


The Incentives team is mainly responsible for our campaign systems (bonuses for partners and discounts for users) and our core pricing systems. We take care of everything from landing pages to marketing communications.

Financial Planning and Data

The Financial Planning and Data team builds a platform for company investment allocations across markets and products. We support expansions, operations, and data science teams and cover the Data Engineering needs of our Incentive groups. We build and optimise data pipelines, adjust our data warehouse to team needs, and work with foundation and product teams.


The Campaigns team creates tools for Country Managers and Data Analysts to encourage our users to keep coming back to our platform, mainly via product discounts and partner bonuses. As the growth engine of our company, our services interact with millions of users daily.

Pricing and Marketplace

The Pricing and Marketplace team provides optimal prices for rides to balance the marketplace, taking into account the needs of both sides: lower prices for passengers and high hourly earnings for drivers. We use static rates defined per marketplace to calculate base prices and ML models that forecast and react to marketplace dynamics in near real-time and adjust prices to keep the balance.

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