Privacy and Data Protection Policy for Drivers

Privacy and Data Protection Policy for Drivers

This Privacy Notice explains how

Bolt Operations OÜ (a private limited company incorporated and registered in Estonia with registration code 14532901, having its registered office in Vana-Lõuna 15, Tallinn 10134, Estonia) as a provider of Bolt app and Bolt Platform


Bolt Services LT, UAB (a private limited company incorporated and registered under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, registration number 304960634, with its registered office at Geležinio Vilko St. 18A, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania) as a party to the agreement between Taxi Driver and Bolt regarding the Taxi Dispatch Services

hereinafter “Bolt” or “we”

process Driver and Taxi Driver (hereinafter “Driver) personal data.

Bolt has appointed a Data Protection Officer and you can contact him at

1. Personal data that we process

  • Name, surname, e-mail address, telephone number, residential address;
  • Geographical location of drivers and travel routes;
  • Information on means of transport (including registration plate);
  • Driver activity and ratings;
  • Driving licence, photo and identity documents;
  • Information on convictions and administrative penalties.
  • Information required under applicable law for taxation purposes: such as your taxpayer identification number, VAT ID, place of birth, financial account identifier, information of each Member State in which you are a resident.

Financial information related to carriage services is not considered as personal information because drivers provide the service on the basis of individual activity.

2. Data processing purpose

  • We collect and process personal data to connect riders with drivers so they can travel more efficiently;
  • The geographic locality and travel routes are processed to analyse the geographic location and make suggestions to drivers. If you do not wish to disclose your geographic location to riders, you must close the Bolt app or indicate in the Bolt app that you have logged out and cannot provide carriage services at this time;
  • A driving licence, identity documents and information about the criminal record, and administrative penalties are intended to process and establish legal requirements and your eligibility as a driver for this activity;
  • The Bolt app shows riders their driver’s name, vehicle photo and other vehicle details to help them identify their driver and vehicle;
  • You will receive reports from the Bolt Driver Portal indicating your activity and ratings as a driver. The driver report and ratings are essential for good rider service.
  • We collect and use information about driver engagement and activity on the platform, as well as driver ratings (including the driver score) to ensure that the users of the platform are safe, that you comply with the terms and conditions applicable to drivers, and that we provide quality and attractive services to everyone. If your driver's score falls below the set threshold, we'll give you a warning or request, for example, to take additional training. If your score continues to drop, we will temporarily restrict your access to the Bolt platform. The Bolt team will then carefully review your account and decide whether the restrictions can be lifted or should be extended for a 12-month period. If you disagree with our decision, you can appeal. For more information on how you can appeal our decision to restrict your access to the platform, please visit our Driver Score FAQ.

3. Legal framework

  • Personal data shall be processed in order to fulfil the agreement undertaken with the driver. A prerequisite for the use of Bolt Operations OÜ services is the driver's consent to their identification and geographical data collection and processing;
  • Personal data may also be processed on the basis of legitimate legal interests, such as the investigation and detection of fraudulent payments.
  • Information relating to criminal convictions or administrative penalties shall be processed in accordance with legal obligations.

4. Recipients

  • Your personal information is only shared with riders whose request you've accepted. The rider can see the driver's name, vehicle, phone number, photo and location. The same information will be provided on the electronic rider journey receipt.
  • Depending on the location of the driver, personal data may be disclosed to Bolt Operations OÜ group companies and partners (local subsidiaries, representatives, affiliates, agents, etc.). The processing of personal data of Bolt Operations OÜ Group companies and partners will take place under the same conditions as set out in this Privacy Notice.
  • We may disclose information under a court order or where we cooperate with a data protection supervisory authority in handling complaints or investigations. We may also share your personal data with law enforcement or other public authorities (such as tax authorities), including responding to requests when the information is required by law or furthers a public interest task. In any scenario, we’ll always satisfy ourselves that we have a lawful basis on which to share the information, and we’ll make sure that we document our decision.

5. Security and access

  • All personal data collected in the course of providing the services are transferred to and stored by Zone Media Ltd. and/or Amazon Web Services Inc. in data centres located in the territories of the Member States of the European Union. Only authorised employees of the Bolt Operations OÜ group have access to personal data. They shall have access to the data only for the purposes of dealing with the use of the service (including situations arising in connection with carriage services);
  • The companies and partners of the Bolt Operations OÜ group may use the personal information collected only for matters related to customer service in the respective country. Further information at

6. Rider data processing

  • You may not contact the rider or collect, record, store, provide access to or use personal data provided by the rider or made available to you through the Bolt application for any reason other than for the purpose of providing Bolt carriage services;
  • You must comply with the rules and conditions for the security of personal rider data set out in the Rider Data Privacy and Protection Statement ( If you violate the security requirements for personal rider data, we may terminate our cooperation and claim damages.

7. Access, revision, retention, deletion, transfer

  • You can see and edit your personal details in your Bolt Driver Portal;
  • Your personal data will be kept as long as your driver account is active. If your account is closed, your personal data will be stored for another 3 years;
  • Personal data shall be stored for accounting purposes for a period of 7 years;
  • If an administrative or criminal act, fraud or misinformation is suspected, the data shall be stored for 10 years;
  • In the event of a dispute, the data shall be retained until the claims have been settled or the claims have expired;
  • Any requests for extracts of personal information, data transfer or deletion submitted by e-mail shall be answered within a month.

8. Service and Situation Resolution

  • Questions related to the processing of personal data are dealt with by the Customer Service Department or through the Data Protection Controller of Bolt Operations OÜ;
  • The supervisory authority is the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (, which can be contacted by e-mail:

This Privacy Notice was last updated on 30.12.2022

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