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Bordeaux, France!


Bolt in Bordeaux

In Bordeaux, no matter where you are, count on Bolt to move around in a few minutes.

Available services in Bordeaux

Get a fast and affordable airport transfer with Bolt.



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Keliauk greitai ir patogiai

1,2€ pagrindinis
1,25€ km + 0.3€ min
8€ (Zone 1), 10€ (Zone 2), 12€ (Zone 3) minimali


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Pigiausias būdas keliauti

1,2€ pagrindinis
1.15€ km + 0,25€ min
7€ (Zone 1), 9€ (Zone 2), 10€ (Zone 3) minimali


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Rides with care of environment.

1,2€ pagrindinis
1,25€ km + 0.3€ min
8€ (Zone 1), 10€ (Zone 2), 12€ (Zone 3) minimali


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Fares are estimates only. Prices may vary based on traffic conditions, unforeseeable delays, discounts and other factors. Please visit our Pricing page below for a detailed breakdown of Bolt pricing in Bordeaux.

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Susisiekite su mumis

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SPACES Ilot Quai 8.2, Bâtiment E1, 33800 Bordeaux
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