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Londonas, United Kingdom!


„Bolt“ Londone

The beauty of London can not be missed by anyone! Bolt is here to help you experience it!

Available services in London

Get a fast and affordable airport transfer with Bolt.



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Fast, convenient, high-quality rides

£2.75 pagrindinis
£1.42 mylios + £0.13 min
£5.5 minimali


service Comfort icon

Erdvi ir patogi kelionė

£3 pagrindinis
£1.54 mylios + £0.14 min
£6 minimali


service Executive icon

Aukštos kokybės automobiliai

£4 pagrindinis
£2.40 mylios + £0.30 min
£10 minimali


service XL icon

A 6-seater, perfect for larger groups or extra luggage

£3.50 pagrindinis
£2.10 per mile mylios + £0.15 min
£7 minimali


service Electric icon

Fully electric vehicles

£2.75 pagrindinis
£1.42 mylios + £0.13 min
£5.5 minimali

Rates shown are base rates only. These are not indicative of the final price. There may be slight variations on final price based on traffic conditions, dynamic pricing and other factors. The upfront net price for a fare is always shown to allow drivers to make an informed decision on carrying out the trip.

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Susisiekite su mumis

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Bolt Hub, 114 Power Road, Chiswick, W4 5PY
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Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:15pm New and Existing Drivers(Appointment only)No Walk-Ins; Bank Holiday: CLOSED
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