Bolt’s Environmental Policy

The purpose of this Environmental Policy is to enable all Bolt employees and partners to understand both their legal and ethical responsibilities concerning Bolt’s environmental footprint, and empower them to apply principles of sustainability in their respective line of work. This policy is the cornerstone of Bolt’s on-going commitment to reduce our environmental footprint, enhance our responsibility and clarify our sustainability priorities.


Bolt is the leading European mobility platform that’s focused on making urban travel more affordable and sustainable through its on-demand transport services.

When the company was launched in 2013, our vision was to reduce individual dependence on personal cars; today, the focus is to increase the availability of low-emission modes of transport to our existing and potential user-base.

As transportation is a major source of air pollution, the environmental responsibility we have to reduce our footprint — both in terms of our platform services as well as our employee behaviour, and setting the goal to operate at zero carbon cost — is critical.

Bolt is committed to a long-term environmental management plan. We aim to ensure a sustainable approach to all modes of mobility on the platform, with a long-term goal of operating at zero carbon cost as well as integrating responsibility among our employees and throughout our decision-making processes.

The goals and principles within our policy are applied to all mobility services for which Bolt is responsible.

Environmental management principles

The following environmental management principles provide overarching governance for sustainability at Bolt:

  • A commitment to lower our emissions and to find solutions on how we can be inherently sustainable in our business activities.
  • Compliance with the applicable regulatory framework related to environmental goals and obligations.
  • Preferring business partners who prioritise the environment and have their own sustainability goals and objectives.
  • A commitment to continuously improve our environmental management system and improve environmental performance.