For commuting.<0/>For leisure.<1/>For the planet.

For commuting.
For leisure.
For the planet.

Choose Bolt electric bikes for a reliable, safe, and low-cost ride to your destination.

How to rent an e-bike

How to rent an e-bike
  1. Finn en tur

    Find an e-bike on the street or locate one using the map in the Bolt app.

  2. Lås opp med appen

    Use the Bolt app to unlock an e-bike and start your ride.

  3. Følg sikkerhetsregler

    Follow the traffic rules, use bike lanes, and wear a helmet for your safety.

  4. Parker med varsomhet

    Park your e-bike away from public pathways — your community will appreciate it.

E-bike rules to follow

Safety’s our priority, so we've set some guiding rules to keep you and other commuters safe.

Ha på deg hjelm
Wear your own helmet or win one in our regular giveaways.
Respekter trafikkreglene
Ride in bike lanes and respect your fellow commuters.
Parker med ansvar
Park at bike racks and avoid blocking the pavement.


An e-bike, also known as an electric bike, is a bicycle that's powered by an electric motor and battery. It provides assistance to riders, making it easier to travel greater distances with less effort.

En ansvarlig partner for byer

Vi samarbeider med byer for å sikre at gatene blir mindre overbelastet, luften renere og transport mer tilgjengelig for alle.

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