Bolt Safety Lab

Bolt Safety Lab

Putting safety at the heart of micromobility.

Transparency on safety and partnerships with cities

Because safety-related research on micromobility is still limited, transparency around operator data is critical to supporting cities in making informed decisions around the future of their transportation systems.

Bolt is committed to working in partnership with cities to implement safe micromobility through open dialogue about critical safety issues and how to address them.

Contact us to learn more about our data, research, and city partnerships.

<0>Markus Villig</0>,<1/> Bolt Founder & CEO
From our Scooter Safety Toolkit to our drunk riding prevention and tandem riding prevention features, data and research are essential to developing new tools that keep riders and other road users as safe as possible.

Through Bolt Safety Lab, we are excited to share our insights with cities and to support their development of safe, sustainable micromobility solutions.
Markus Villig,
Bolt Founder & CEO
Bolt Scooter Safety Pledge

Bolt Scooter Safety Pledge

As a partner to cities, we pledge to embed the following principles into Bolt’s global scooter operations. Our aim is to support city efforts to achieve Vision Zero – the elimination of all traffic fatalities and severe injuries.

2022 Bolt scooter safety report

Between 2020–2021, Bolt’s scooter accident rate per 1 million km declined by 12%, while the injury rate per 1 million km declined by 26%.

Read the full report to find our more about key scooter safety developments and stay tuned for the next version of this annual report.
2022 Bolt scooter safety report
Accidents per 1M Kilometer


2022 Bolt scooter safety report
Injuries per 1M Kilometer


Research highlights

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