Aluguer automóvel por apenas €0.08/min.

Bolt Drive is a low-cost, safe and convenient car-sharing solution that brings you all the benefits of owning a car, without any of the hassle!

Abrir a app da Bolt

Inscreva-se como motorista da Bolt e ganhe dinheiro. Saiba mais.


Vantagens da Bolt Drive

Whether you need a car for your commute, a weekend getaway or just getting around town — car-sharing is a great, low-cost option.



Pay for the distance travelled and rental time — we handle everything else. Fuel, parking and insurance are all included in the hire fee!



Bolt Drive cars are available 24/7, so you don't need to plan ahead. Hire a car for as short or long as you need it — minutes, hours, or days!

Quick And Easy

Rápida e fácil

Our vehicles are available all over the city. If you need short-term car hire, find and unlock a car with your Bolt app, get in and go!

Como alugar um carro com a Bolt Drive

Upload your driving licence

Upload your driving licence

Conclui a verificação — só precisas de uma carta de condução válida e de um cartão de pagamento.*

*Os condutores têm de ter mais de 20 anos de idade e pelo menos um ano de carta de condução.

Find a Bolt Drive car

Find a Bolt Drive car

Find a car on the street or locate one using the map in your Bolt app.

Desbloqueia com a app da Bolt

Desbloqueia com a app da Bolt

Use the Bolt app to unlock the car and start your rental. (You’ll find the keys in the car.)

Estaciona gratuitamente

Estaciona gratuitamente

Conduz para o teu destino. A app vai dizer-te onde podes deixar o carro em segurança.

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Where you can rent a Bolt Drive car


There's a Drive for everything

Small cars, electric, SUVs, vans — whatever you need a vehicle for, choose Bolt Drive!

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Top car rental questions

How much does Bolt Drive cost? Do I need to pay for fuel?

Bolt Drive car rental prices start from as low as €0.08 per minute and you only pay for the time you use the car and the km travelled. You can use the car for a minute, an hour or for days, if you like. The rental fee also includes free fuel, free parking and free car insurance!

Que tipos de carro posso alugar com a Bolt Drive?

All of our cars come with automatic-transmission at no extra cost. The specific make and model of hire car depends on availability. Our car-types include: small, electric, medium-sized, and premium cars, as well as SUVs and vans. Check the app to see which cars are available to rent nearby.

How do I pay for Bolt Drive?

Simply pay inside your Bolt app as you would for a Bolt car or scooter ride (credit/debit card or Apple Pay).

How do I unlock a Bolt Drive car?

Once you find the car you’d like to rent, simply tap on the button in your Bolt app to unlock the vehicle and start driving!

Where do I find the car keys?

Once you unlock the car with your Bolt app, you’ll find the car keys inside the car.

What happens if I scratch or damage the car?

In case of damaging the car, you may be charged a fee. For more details, please read the Terms and Conditions of Bolt Drive. Specific penalty amounts can be found from the List of Penalties and Additional Fees.

What about parking? Where can I park Bolt Drive?

When you rent a car with Bolt Drive, the parking fee is included in the price of your rental, so you can enjoy free parking whenever you need to make a stop. However, if you choose to park outside our operating area, you will be charged a small fee. Check your city’s operational area inside the app.

If you have any further questions, please contacta-nos