Reduzir a nossa pegada ecológica

A long-term commitment to cut our ecological impact as much as possible and compensate for the remaining emissions. To do this, we’re constantly adding electric vehicles, increasing the efficiency of our operations, and launching carbon compensation projects.

Os nossos projetos

In partnership with Seedballs Kenya, we’ve planted over 11 million tree seeds to reforest degraded areas in Kenya. These trees will help us compensate for the mobility footprint of your Bolt rides and Bolt Food deliveries. In Europe, we've partnered with One Tree Planted to plant trees in Portugal and Romania.

In cooperation with Climate Impact Partners, we're funding carbon offset projects, which help neutralise Bolt Business rides and residual emissions from scooters and e-bikes.

Green Plan da Bolt

Monitorizar o nosso impacto
Ensuring we have a clear understanding of our environmental impact, helping us decide how to reduce it as much as possible and compensate for the remainder effectively.
Reduzir a nossa pegada de carbono
Making more electric vehicles (scooters, e-bikes, cars) available on our platform to offer greener ways to move in cities. And using high Environmental standards in our day-to-day operations (ISO14001).
Compensating for our emissions
Investing in reforestation, soil conservation, and other local projects to compensate for your carbon footprint while positively impacting our communities.
Explora as Políticas Ambientais da Bolt para mais informações.

O que é que isso significa?

We’re tracking our emissions and actively working on reducing them. We’re also investing in reforestation and conservation projects across the globe to compensate for the remaining impact of our services.

You don’t have to do anything differently. Simply use the Bolt app and get a little peace of mind knowing we’re doing what we can to minimise the negative impact of our mobility services.

Os nossos parceiros

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Vamos fazer a diferença?

Ao escolher a Bolt, estás a ajudar a construir o futuro da mobilidade sustentável.

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