6 popular employee benefits in 2022

5 Jan 2022

Popular employee benefits that will help to hire and retain top staff

A competitive salary used to be enough to attract and retain top talent. But employee motivations have evolved. Now, offered benefits play a more important role in people’s career decisions than ever. 

Company perks — or lack thereof — often impact a company’s success when recruiting top talent. Ignoring employee benefits can also impact employee retention rates, company culture and productivity. Some perks are even tax-deductible! Here is a list of some of the best employee benefits in 2022. 

Introduce a home office/tech reimbursement

Employees who are more productive working from home will appreciate the opportunity to make their home workspace more comfortable. An ergonomic chair, extra screen, or laptop stand can all help

Google gave each of its employees $1,000 for home office equipment when the pandemic first hit. And many more companies have followed — including Bolt. We saw an increase in productivity, job speed and quality, as well as fewer instances of health deterioration due to suboptimal working conditions.

Flexible working hours

It’s almost unusual when companies don’t accommodate for flexible working and work-life balance — except for certain industries and work areas. Since work is a big part of our lives, flexible working arrangements have become one of the top work perks.

Employees want to be able to log off in the middle of the day to go pick up their child from daycare, go for a run between zoom calls, or have coffee with a friend without having to jump through hoops. 

Mental health support 

The state of an employee’s mental health can have a direct impact on their physical health, relationships and work performance. That’s why many companies are looking into employee benefits programs that offer mental health support. 

This process is unique for each company. Some offer counselling packages, so employees can regularly visit a licensed mental health professional, while others are offering monthly self-care allowances. This allows each employee to choose between a workout class, speak to a licensed therapist, or partake in other activities.

Encouraging employees to take care of their mental health is returned to the company as the many benefits of employee engagement.

Career development programs 

Modern workers know that knowledge is often a commodity in itself. And because of modern technology, industries are moving faster than ever. So we need to keep learning to remain on top of our field. 

Working at a company that’s willing to invest in its employees is very attractive to many talented professionals. Offering the chance to study at a local institution or take online courses is one of the most coveted company benefits. Introducing a monthly book allowance is another low-cost option.

However you decide to offer upskilling, your company will reap the benefits of motivated employees.

More vacation time

It’s important for your team to be able to switch off. And there’s no better way to give them that by offering more paid vacation days. 

As well as offering plenty of well earned time off, encourage your team to use those days too. When they return from their holiday, your employees will feel refreshed, more enthusiastic, and motivated.

Ride allowance

Another popular trend at the top of the list of best employee benefits is ride allowances. 

At Bolt, we offer reliable transport at an affordable price in over 300 cities across 45 countries. By signing up for a Bolt Business Team Account, managers can offer employees a monthly allowance for Bolt rides wherever they need to go. Bolt Business is also a fantastic perk for employee retention.

A seamless dashboard allows you to set spend and usage limits for each employee. And your team can get where they need to go using their ownBolt app. Get started with Bolt Business today to improve your employee benefits.

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