Introducing Bolt Black Cab — sign-up as a driver and earn full metered fares

10 Mar 2023

Bolt was designed to help people move around cities quickly and easily. To make this happen, we’re always looking for the best drivers keen to serve their communities. And that’s why we’re launching a Black Cab service in the springtime! We’re taking taxi driver applications from today.  

Why drive with Bolt?

If you appreciate the flexibility driving a taxi brings, you’ll enjoy how Bolt can enhance your earnings. Here are the top reasons to become a Bolt taxi driver in London:

Simple payments — earn the full metered fare

If you drive with Bolt, you’ll be paid the full metered fare!

  • When you complete a journey on the Bolt platform, passengers are obliged to pay the metered fare;
  • As journeys arranged via the Bolt platform are online bookings, they are subject to a £2 booking fee added on top of the metered trip fare;
  • Bolt charges drivers £2 commission on every trip. As this isn’t higher than the booking fee, drivers won’t be out of pocket.
  • Sign up and activate your Bolt driver account by 30 April 2023, and we’ll reduce the commission to £0 for every trip completed for six months from launch!
  • Terms and conditions apply. London licensed taxi drivers only.

Payouts are made to a bank account of your choice every week, and you’ll keep 100% of your tips — which is how it should be.

Access to millions of passengers

Bolt provides transport services to up to 4 million signed-up passengers in the UK and millions worldwide. We operate in 45 countries and 500+ cities globally. 

When you register to drive with Bolt, you’ll instantly gain access to the locals and visitors who rely on Bolt to move around cities. You also have the opportunity to drive Bolt’s lucrative corporate clients. And when Bolt Black Cab officially launches, we’ll spread the word to millions of Bolt users, highlighting the benefits of riding in a London taxi.

Safe and easy to use 

Bolt’s Driver app is intuitive and easy to use. In addition to providing you with everything you’ll need for completing trips, you’ll find more information about weekly payments and uploading taxi driver documents. Plus, you’ll have dedicated support from the Bolt team. 

Our London Black Cab customer support phone number is available daily from 9am – 10pm.

Plan your trips better  

Before accepting a Bolt fare, you’ll receive easy-to-read information about your passenger and fare, such as:

  • Cost of the requested metered trip (minus the £2 Bolt fee)
  • Passenger pick-up location and the distance to reach the passenger
  • Passenger drop-off location and the distance to the destination
  • Passenger rating, as given by other drivers 

Using Bolt can help you plan your day by giving you visibility on where you’ll drive before starting a trip.

Register your interest now!

We’re excited to roll out Bolt Black Cab in London this spring and look forward to connecting with the London taxi driver community.

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