Drive your taxi with Bolt earning full metered fares.

With the Bolt app, customers can easily make a booking for your Black Cab. Sign up early to become a Bolt taxi driver.

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Why become a Bolt Black Cab driver?

Whether you want to drive for a few hours occasionally or earn money more frequently, with Bolt, you can fit driving around your schedule.
Drive and earn when you like

Earn part-time income as a taxi driver in the UK during evenings and weekends, or make more money by driving more frequently. It’s up to you.

Get access to new customers

Drive with Bolt and receive ride requests from 4 million UK users, plus millions more who visit from overseas.

Easy-to-use app with weekly payouts

You'll earn the full metered fare. Weekly payouts are made directly to your bank account.

Get started online

1. Sign up as a Bolt Black Cab driver online

Submit your contact details. We'll email you with the next steps.

Apply to drive
2. Upload your documents

Check the requirements.

3. Download the Bolt driver app

Once your account is activated, download the Bolt driver app and start driving.

How the Bolt Driver app works

How the Bolt Driver app works

Easy to use and reliable, the Bolt Driver app gives you everything you need to drive and earn whenever you want to.
  1. Accept a ride request
    The Bolt Driver app will automatically find passengers for you.
  2. Pick up your passenger
    The app will guide you to your passenger’s location. Once there, pick them up.
  3. Drive to their destination
    Follow the directions and swipe to end the trip when you get there.
  4. Repeat to earn more money
    Keep driving and earning or go offline — you’re always in full control of your schedule.
Unlock up to £2,000 in bonuses with Bolt & Drovo

Unlock up to £2,000 in bonuses with Bolt & Drovo

Get your taxi branded with Drovo Taxi Advertising to be eligible for up to £1,900 in annual bonuses. As a registered Bolt driver, you can earn an additional £100 bonus by completing 50 trips in 30 days* after your vehicle's fitted.
*T&Cs apply, offer available to licensed London taxi drivers only.

Frequently asked questions from taxi drivers

How do I sign up to drive with Bolt?

Signing up to make money with Bolt is easy. Fill in your details and submit the required documents. Once your application is approved and you're onboarded, you'll be ready to start earning when we launch in the spring

Bolt Black Cabs launched on the 25th of April 2023.

You should have a smartphone that runs at least Android 9.0 or iOS 14. If you don’t have a smartphone, our team can advise you on a budget Android phone that you'll need to use the Bolt Driver app.

When you complete a journey on the Bolt platform, passengers will be obliged to pay you the metered fare. Drivers must enter the exact amount of the metered trip fare from the taximeter in the app. Bolt will then automatically add the £2 booking fee.
Bolt will charge you a £2 commission on every journey. As this isn't higher than the booking fee, it means you won’t be out of pocket compared to ‘hailed from the street’ journeys!

Learn more about Bolt's hackney carriage licensing requirements and accepted vehicles.

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