Bolt Food is here! Get food delivery in Mombasa

19 Apr 2023

Great news! Thanks to Bolt Food, you can now order your restaurant favourites direct to your door! Here’s all you need to know about the service.

Food delivery near me?

No need to open Google and start searching for “food delivery near me” or “takeaway near me” options. Whether you’re searching for pizza delivery, burgers, shawarmas, or any other food to order online, the Bolt Food app’s got you covered.

Feeling hungry? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download the Bolt Food app;
  • Open the app and choose your favourite dish(es) from the list of restaurants near you;
  • Tell your courier where you’d like them to leave your order (100% contactless if necessary);
  • Confirm your order and pay;
  • Track the whole process, from the kitchen right to your door (or wherever you asked your courier to leave your order);
  • Enjoy your food!
Bolt Food delivery

A great way to increase your restaurant’s revenue

If only there was a way to connect the people of Mombasa with the best restaurants. 🤔

Well, luckily, there is — Bolt Food! 

According to the stats, every other person makes an online food delivery at least once a week. Yes, it’s convenient for eaters, but is it beneficial for restaurants too?

The simple answer is yes. 

Imagine your restaurant becomes twice as busy in a day without you needing to rent extra space or buy additional chairs and tables. Food delivery is an excellent way for restaurants to increase revenue without expanding, refurbishing or redecorating their existing space.

All restaurant owners are familiar with those magical lunchtime and dinnertime peak hours. They’re also well aware of the downtime in between. Bolt Food can help you reach customers at all times. You could even bag a whole new batch of regulars!

If you’d like to sign your restaurant up to the Bolt Food platform, simply complete the sign up, and we’ll get back to you with all the details.

Become a courier and earn extra money

Are you looking for a side gig or a way to earn some extra money on your own schedule? Life as a Bolt Food courier might be what you’ve been looking for!

With Bolt Food, you can choose when you earn and fit it around your lifestyle. 

Perhaps you’re looking to deliver a few extra hours in the evenings or at the weekend, or maybe you’re looking for full-time earnings? Whatever your schedule, be your own boss with Bolt Food and decide when you earn.

How to sign up as a courier

Signing up as a Bolt Food courier in Kenya is easy. 

Complete the sign up form here, and a member of our team will contact you once your application’s been reviewed. You’ll need to add some basic information and attach your personal documentation so that we can verify your identity. 

Onboarding and next steps

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll go through our onboarding process, which covers the Bolt Food Courier app, activating your account, the delivery process, payments, and earnings.

Plus, you’ll receive your Bolt Food branded gear so you can deliver in style.

If you’re looking to earn extra money on a flexible schedule, sign up, and deliver food as a Bolt Food courier!

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