Become a Bolt Food partner and grow your revenue

Become a Bolt Food partner and grow your revenue

Bolt Food providers enjoy more orders, increased sales, and unmatched visibility — sign up today and reap the benefits!

Let us help your business grow!

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Achieve more with Bolt Food

Experience more success with our powerful tools and support:
  1. More revenue
    Earn up to €1,000 per week in additional revenue.
  2. More customers
    Get access to loyal Bolt Food customers and millions of users who regularly use our car ride, electric scooter, e-bike, and car-sharing services.
  3. More insights
    Optimise performance with valuable insight into data behind your sales.
  4. More flexibility
    Offer pickup, delivery, or both — manage your orders seamlessly from your tablet, phone or POS with 1,000+ integrations.
Bolt Food partner restaurant staff
“Thanks to the Bolt Food platform, we've seen a significant growth in sales, which has allowed us to expand and open new locations.”
Maarja Kelder, owner, ‘Nuudel’.
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Smart insights for smart businesses

Track your key performance indicators and make data-driven decisions with Bolt Food.
  • Unique users
    The number of users who made their first order from your restaurant during the week.
  • Average order value
    Better understand your customers’ average pre-discount spend.
  • Revenue
    Total order value before discounts, including VAT and excluding delivery fees.
  • Conversion
    The percentage of customers who placed an order after opening your restaurant profile in the app.

Our partnerships expand beyond restaurants

We partner with businesses of all types.

We'll ensure your beautiful bouquets, arrangements, plants, and gifts arrive on time.

Grocery stores
Grocery stores

Provide same-day delivery of fresh groceries to nearby customers.

Pet stores
Pet stores

Keep pet owners happy with speedy delivery of pet food, toys and other products.

Other retail stores
Other retail stores

Electronics, alcohol, fashion, and more — take advantage of our delivery service and powerful analytical tools to reach more customers and grow your sales!

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Starting with Bolt Food is easy

Follow these 4 simple steps to get going:
  1. Sign a partnership agreement;
  2. Provide us with your menus and product photos;
  3. Verify your information;
  4. Set your status to ‘live’ and receive orders!
Get ready to enjoy the benefits of Bolt Food!

Get ready to enjoy the benefits of Bolt Food!

Unlock your business’s full potential:
  1. Boost your sales with an average of 50 completed orders per week
  2. Increase revenue by an average of €1,000 per week
  3. Gain an average of 32 new customers per week

Frequently asked questions

What is Bolt Food?

Bolt Food is a delivery solution for restaurants and merchants. The Bolt Food app connects partner restaurants and merchants with millions of customers who want to order food, groceries, and more.

Becoming a Bolt Food partner is easy — just complete the sign-up form to get started. You will need to provide your business information, such as your menu and product pictures. Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you a device (or you can use your own device), and you’re ready to start receiving orders.

To become a Bolt Food partner, you must be a registered business that meets all local legal and regulatory requirements. In addition, you must have a valid bank account to receive payments and dedicated, suitable premises in which to prepare your orders.

Bolt Food extends beyond restaurant partnerships. Other businesses, such as pet stores, supermarkets, flower shops, electronics stores, alcohol stores, etc., can join the platform and take advantage of our delivery services.

Bolt Food helps its merchant partners increase revenue by providing access to a large customer base and enabling them to reach more potential customers. The platform also offers promotional tools, e.g. a featured listing that shows your business prominently on the app and helps attract customers.
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