Bolt’s charging docks

Bolt’s charging docks

Bolt is on a mission to make cities for people, not cars. Our industry-exclusive charging docks are helping cities move toward safer, more orderly, and more sustainable urban transport systems.

What are charging docks, and how to use them?

Charging first, sharing later
Charging first, sharing later

Bolt’s charging docks are a sustainable charging and sharing infrastructure for micromobility vehicles.

They provide a safe and convenient place to park and charge scooters.

At the end of their ride, the user simply pushes the two-wheeler into the charging socket, automatically ending their ride and starting the charging process.

All for one and one for all
All for one and one for all

One charging dock can hold up to ten vehicles: scooters and e-bikes.

They keep the scooters charged and ready for the next user.

They're modular, easy to install, and developed in-house at Bolt.

And they’re not only for Bolt vehicles — the docks are fully compatible with other brands too!

We provide adapters upon request. Pricing and terms of cooperation are agreed upon individually.

Organising parking while making cities cleaner and safer

Fixing poor parking
Fixing poor parking

Studies have revealed that implementing visible reminders, such as charging docks, can have a positive impact on parking behaviour.

We monitor usage data and install charging docks in high-demand areas where users would otherwise randomly leave scooters and e-bikes.

These areas include city centres, train stations, supermarkets, mobility hubs, hotels, business areas, and universities.

Improving safety for all
Improving safety for all

Poorly parked scooters represent a safety risk for everyone, and in particular, people with disabilities.

Charging docks are one of the solutions for protecting vulnerable groups from improperly parked scooters.

We can complement the docks with special tiles to ensure accessibility for the visually impaired.

Reducing environmental footprint
Reducing environmental footprint

Charging docks allow us to save the energy we use to transport batteries, thus lowering CO2 emissions and reducing our carbon footprint.

By providing dedicated micromobility parking spaces, we encourage more people to use greener transport options, leading to fewer cars on the road and a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Let’s talk numbers — case studies

So far, we’ve installed Bolt’s charging docks in five European cities: Tallinn (Estonia), Trakai, Vilnius (Lithuania), Riga (Latvia), and Setubal (Portugal). And here’s what we’ve learned:

Better parking habits

Better parking habits

In our 2023 survey, 60% of Bolt scooter users said charging docks had positively affected their parking behaviour.

Almost 80% said charging docks contribute to more organised scooter parking.

76% of those polled would be happy to see more charging docks deployed.

Easy and efficient installation

All it takes is 10–20 m2 of flat surface with power availability. We ensure that the dock is installed appropriately to meet your specific requirements and also provide comprehensive training.

An open invitation to city representatives

We invite all city representatives to visit Tallinn or any other city where Bolt’s charging docks are installed to see how they work in practice.


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