Restaurant Awards 2022: vote for your favourites in Lagos

31 Mar 2023

Bolt Food resto awards

As the 2023 calendar is officially flipped, it’s time to recognise the best local eats!

Calling all foodies in Lagos! We need your help determining the best restaurants across ten categories. So, prepare your taste buds and let’s get voting!

Local Champion

Let’s begin by crowning the most beloved restaurant by locals. This could be anything from cosy corner cafes to famous spots — may the most popular restaurant win!

Hidden Gem

It’s time to uncover and reward the hidden gems of the city. Think of those places tucked away in corners, a bit further from the centre and not usually on the radar but loved by those who know it.

Late-night Cravings

What do night owls, partygoers, and late-night snackers have in common? A love for that 24/7 spot that always delivers when others don’t. Here’s your chance to support the heroes serving up your late cravings!

Rising Star

Let’s give a warm welcome and a round of applause to the newcomers that spiced up our food scene. Despite being new to the game, these restaurants have gained massive popularity and a loyal following in a short time. Which one of these rising stars do you think deserves the top spot?

Guilty Pleasure

What restaurant comes to mind when you think of a meal you can’t live without? It’s time to reward the restaurant that’s mastered the art of keeping us hooked with their signature dishes and who shows up the most on our order history.

Sapa Friendly

Deliciousness doesn’t have to be pricey — at least not with these restaurants! Which one’s your top choice for delicious yet wallet-friendly meals?


If you’re looking for a delicious healthy meal, these restaurants should be your first stop. They offer the most mouth-watering options and leave no room for doubt regarding quality or taste. Which one will you vote for? 

Treat Yourself

Food and class go hand in hand when it comes to this category’s restaurants. These are your go-to options when there’s a special occasion to celebrate, and you need a fancy meal. Let’s crown the restaurant with the most exquisite dishes and top-notch service.

Lunchtime Fave

When the clock strikes noon, we need a place to refuel and recharge. Eating at these fantastic restaurants is like a mini vacation amid our hectic days. The question is: which of these lunchtime faves wins your vote?

The King of Jollof

Jollof rice is essential to Nigeria’s cuisine. How could we not have a category to honour the best in the business? Let’s vote for the King of Jollof!

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