The risk of offline trips

16 Aug 2023

The Bolt app is a platform that connects drivers to riders, offering a range of safety features to keep both groups safe before, during, and after rides. 

However, taking offline trips outside the app can put riders and drivers in danger. 

Understanding offline trips

Offline trips occur when a driver, rider, or both accept a ride in the app, access the location and contact details of the other, but then cancel the trip and complete the transaction outside of the app.

Drivers often request offline trips for different reasons, e.g., they’re experiencing app issues. They may also be requested by riders who claim to prefer offline trips, among other reasons.

For riders 

Despite their potential appeal, offline trips put your safety at risk. 

But by taking rides through the Bolt app, you have access to these safety features:

  1. Real-time tracking: see your driver’s location.
  2. Share your journey: share trip details with loved ones who can track your journey;
  3. Driver ratings: rate a driver after a ride, ensuring only the best drivers use the platform;
  4. Customer support: access our 24/7 Support team.

When trips are taken offline, you can’t access these features, and in the event of an issue, investigations are much harder to carry out. 

For drivers

Offline trips may sound appealing as a way to cut corners, but it’s important to recognise the hidden dangers they pose. 

Incidences that occur off the app are difficult to track and aren’t covered by our Safety team or ride insurance.

Taking rides outside of the Bolt app is also a fraudulent act. Doing so will result in account suspension or deactivation.

At Bolt, your safety’s our priority — we want all users to feel safe and comfortable while riding.

If a driver or rider insists on an offline trip, decline the ride and report it via the app or email

Thank you for riding with Bolt.

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