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Uzhhorod is a city on the Uzh river at the foot of the Carpathians in the Zakarpatska oblast. Although it is the smallest center of Ukraine’s oblast, it is unique in its own way and has a rich & ancient history (it is founded in the IX century; first mentioned in 1154 under the old name Ungvar). Undoubtedly, Uzhhorod Castle occupies a central place in the list of tourist attractions. It impresses with paintings, stucco and other elements of decor, restored in accordance with each period. But other locations are also worth noting: the architecture of the railway station built in 1903 or the Zakarpatskyi Museum of Folk Architecture & Lifestyle. In addition, well noteworthy are Khrestovozdvyzhenskyi Cathedral and Zakarpatska Philharmonic in architecture style of Moorish Revival. And then it is great to walk along the lindens tree alley which is 2.2km long, to cross the pedestrian bridge and straight to Korzo street.

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Get a fast, convenient ride

20₴ base
6.40₴ km + 0.50₴ min
38₴ minimum
9₴/kmThe tariff for 1km after 6th
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Spacious and convenient rides

28₴ base
8₴ km + 0.50₴ min
55₴ minimum
9.50₴/KMThe tariff for 1km after 6th
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Cars with shield between rider and driver

20₴ base
6.40₴ km + 0.50₴ min
38₴ minimum
9₴/KMThe tariff for 1km after 6th
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Fast deliveries

43₴ base
6.4₴ km + 0.5₴ min
55₴ minimum
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This category is pet-friendly, conditions apply

43₴ base
6.4₴ km + 0.5₴ min
55₴ minimum

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