Rethinking urban transport

With increasing congestion, air pollution, and diminishing quality of life, now is the time for cities to take steps toward a better future.
Our goal is to help cities find sustainable transport solutions, developing and sharing knowledge and real-time data to improve the lives of their citizens.
Rethinking urban transport

Managing micromobility

Operating fleets of light vehicles in 200+ cities has given us a unique understanding of the importance of strong local regulations. Micromobilty in cities can be handled in a couple of different ways.

Street rental fees for micromobility

Provides cities with extra revenue — for infrastructure improvements or other transportation initiatives.

Prevents operators from placing too many vehicles on the street, minimising costs.

Encourages operators to take measures that result in maximum vehicle usage.

Frees up public space by reducing idle electric scooters and bikes.

Authorisations for private operators

Operators must submit a file showing their operational plans and compliance with all local regulations.

Require operators to regularly share data so the municipality can monitor regulatory compliance.

Introduce utilisation targets to manage fleet size, and encourage regular use of the service.

Give a city more power to enforce local rules.

As the largest micromobility operator in Europe, we’re happy to share our unique insights to help you draft effective micromobility regulation for your city.

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Tools to reshape city transport

E-scooter use is transforming urban environments by reducing CO2 emissions, congestion, and pollution.

As the largest European scooter operator, we’re focused on delivering safe and sustainable micromobility operations.

Scooters complement public transport and help riders go about their daily tasks in a more sustainable way.

In many major European cities more than 30% of Bolt scooter trips begin and end within 100 metres of a public transport stop.

Safety as a priority

Unique safety features

Innovative safety features, like our patented tandem riding prevention system, and a cognitive reaction test help to prevent riding under the influence of alcohol or other substances and raise awareness of its dangers.

Sensibilisation des utilisateurs

Nous encourageons une utilisation responsable des véhicules électriques afin d'assurer la sécurité des utilisateurs et du grand public. Notre boîte à outils de sécurité permet aux utilisateurs de rouler en mode débutant, de se renseigner sur les règles locales et de lire les instructions et conseils de sécurité.

Parking responsibly

Nous sensibilisons nos utilisateurs à se garer de manière responsable et les encourageons à signaler les mauvais exemples qu'ils voient dans les rues. De plus, notre technologie IA détecte les infractions au stationnement et montre aux utilisateurs comment garer leur trottinette en toute sécurité.


Our Environmental Policy is part of Bolt’s on-going commitment to reduce the environmental footprint of our products.

Sustainable operations

Sustainable practices power our processes. Using electric vehicles for internal operations, and renewable energy in our warehouses and offices are just two examples. We’re committed to bringing green transport options to cities and offsetting our CO2 emissions.

The highest environmental standards

We’re proud to be ISO 14001:2015 certified. We’re committed to enhancing our environmental management system, putting in place effective procedures that minimise our environmental impact.

Popularising greener transport

We actively work to reduce the number of short car trips in cities by encouraging the use of greener methods. We also incentivise users to opt for these modes through in-app messages and promotions, resulting in a up to 200% rise in e-scooter use.

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We're here to help

As the largest micromobility operator in Europe, we’re keen to share our experiences and advise local governments on micromobility solutions.
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