A pilot project in Oslo: preventing scooter rides on pavements

Mar 10, 2022


People riding scooters on pavements is a frequent reason for accidents. With a pilot project launched in March in Oslo, Bolt will use cutting-edge AI-based technology to educate the market and make scooter rides safer.

Guide the rider

Thanks to a camera on the scooter and an AI system, it will be possible to detect if a user is riding on a pavement. Users will be guided to drive in safer areas and park their scooters safely.

At Bolt we put riders and pedestrians safety first. That’s why we partnered with Drover to address pavement riding, which is a frequent micromobility safety issue. We’re dedicated to educating users on safe riding which benefits both Bolt scooter riders and other road users, and we want to be a reliable partner for cities.

Jose Rei, Country Manager for scooters in Norway

The device is able to distinguish different infrastructure types using artificial intelligence (AI). It’s intended to be used in urban areas where the traffic density has increased rapidly over the last few years. The scooters in the pilot will be tested by the Bolt team, who will scan the streets, pavements, and bike lanes in Oslo to make sure the pilot’s results are as accurate as possible.

In the first stage, the scooters will not be operated by the public.

Several safety features

This is not the first pilot project Bolt is carrying out, which aims to improve the use of electric scooters. Last year, Bolt carried out a pilot project where the goal was to change people’s habits from using a car to using an electric scooter for shorter trips.

These pilots are only a few of several new safety features initiated by Bolt. Recently, Bolt announced launching its cognitive reaction test, aimed to address drunk riding issues, as well as a patent application for its tandem riding prevention system. Both features are in-house developed.

Join our green initiative!

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