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Looking for the best way to get from СНАУ to ЦУМ? Explore our services and find the perfect one for your journey. Convenience and comfort are just a few taps away!

Dođi od СНАУ do ЦУМ uz Bolt

Dođi od СНАУ do ЦУМ uz Bolt

We recommend that you choose Bolt ride-hailing if you're looking for the best price for getting to ЦУМ. Using Bolt, this journey will take around 10 minuta and cost approximately 75.70 UAH. Whatever the occasion, we’ll find the perfect vehicle for you.
Dođi od СНАУ do ЦУМ uz Bolt
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The most affordable way to travel from СНАУ to ЦУМ is by Bolt which will cost you around 75.70 UAH.

ЦУМ udaljen je približno 4.4 km od СНАУ.

Potrebno je oko 10 minuta da stigneš od СНАУ do ЦУМ s Bolt.

The cost of the trip from СНАУ to ЦУМ with Bolt is approximately 75.70 UAH.