Why become a Bolt driver?

Whether you want to drive for a few hours occasionally or want to earn money more frequently, with Bolt you can fit driving around your schedule.

Drive and earn when you like

Earn a part-time income during evenings and weekends, or make more money by driving more frequently. It’s up to you.

A reliable source of income

You’ll receive many orders from our large network of riders anytime you’re online. You can also earn more when its busy.

Weekly payouts

Receive your earnings at the end of each week. There are no hidden subscription fees and you’ll only pay commission on your earnings.


1. Sign up online

Tell us which city you'd like to drive in and the type of licence you have. We'll email you with the next steps.

Apply to drive

2. Upload your documents

The documents needed to drive with Bolt can vary depending on your location. Check your local requirements and see if you’re eligible.

3. Rent a vehicle

If you don't have access to a car, we can connect you with a fleet partner who will offer you a vehicle to drive.

Kako funkcionira Bolt aplikacija za vozače

Reliable and easy to use, with everything you need to drive and earn when you want.
  1. Prihvati vožnju
    Bolt aplikacija za vozače automatski će ti pronaći putnike.
  2. Pokupi svog putnika
    Aplikacija će te voditi do lokacije korisnika. Pokupi ga kada tamo stigneš.
  3. Vozi do odredišta
    Slijedi upute do odredišta i kada stigneš prijeđi prstom za završetak vožnje.
  4. Ponovi za dodatnu zaradu
    Nastavi voziti i zarađivati ili isključi aplikaciju - uvijek sam određuješ svoj raspored.

Često postavljena pitanja vozača

Budi sam svoj šef. Počni voziti i zaradi!

Trebaju ti samo 2 minute da nam pošalješ svoje podatke.

Zatraži vožnju

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