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Bolt dobavljači

Ovdje možeš pronaći informacije i zahtjeve u vezi s dobavljačima Bolta ili kako to postati.

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Bolt’s constantly working towards making cities better places to live. To do that, we need to ensure our entire supply chain is aligned with our core values and compliant with the highest standards in the industry. Starting in December 2022, all suppliers will be required to answer the Supplier Assessment and, if needed, to voluntarily join an improvement plan.

It depends on the service or goods you provide us. Generally speaking, there are questions regarding certifications (ISO 14001, for example), data privacy, environmental social governance (ESG), risk, and safety and legal issues.

Izravno na platformi — pokraj svakog pitanja vidjet ćeš gumb "priloži" za učitavanje.

Imaš sedam dana od trenutka kada primiš upitnik.

Pregledat ćemo tvoje odgovore i kontaktirati te za sedam dana.

This is not the ultimate goal. And no decision will be made without providing you with specific reasons and the possibility to improve.

Sve informacije koje pružite su privatne i povjerljive. Koristit će se samo za potrebe interne evaluacije.

The questionnaires should be straightforward and intuitive. But if you have any questions, please contact the Bolt collaborator who sent you the questionnaire.

We can only provide access for one person at a time.