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The city is located on the right bank of the Kremenchutskyi water reservoir, created along the Dnipro river. The first mention of the settlement dates back to the 2nd half of the XIV century, and the actual city status Cherkasy received in 1795. Among other cities of Ukraine differs by uncharacteristic structure of its territory – most streets intersects each other at right angles, forming a sort of grid with rectangular blocks of buildings. Here is something to look at: neo-gothic historic building of the «Slovianskyi» hotel (so-called «Blue Palace») looks simply incredible at night; Cherkasy Wedding Palace («Cherkaskyi Palats Odruzhen»), a neo-renaissance house built in 1892, has an equally stunning appearance. In addition, there are plenty of great places to walk: «Pahorb Slavy» memorial complex, «Dolyna Troiand» & «Sosnovyi Bir» parks, also Shevchenko blvd. which is stretched for 22 blocks. River port with a pier is a great location to admire the Dnipro. Finally, it is worth seeing the country’s tallest byzantine-style church – Sviato-Mykhailivskyi Cathedral (up to 72 meters tall), an openwork steel hyperboloid water tower built in 1914 and «Kobzar» museum (here you can look at original 1840 poetic collection of Taras Shevchenko works).

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