From gravel supplier to brand-new car owner — the story of a Bolt driver

14 Sept 2022

In the 2021 edition of the Bolt Driver League, we rewarded drivers with brand-new vehicles as part of our driver incentives program. The competition lasted ten weeks and resulted in four champions in Nigeria winning brand new cars (and participation incentives for others). 

Abdullateef Jimoh, a gravel supplier, was one of the drivers who won a brand-new car in Nigeria. In this interview, he shares his story about how the car has helped his financial situation. Let’s meet Abdullateef…

What was your occupation before driving with Bolt, and when did you start driving on the platform?

I started driving with Bolt in October 2019. Before becoming a driver with Bolt, I was supplying gravel to builders and other customers on demand. I’ve been in that business for roughly ten years now. The gravel supply business affords me plenty of free time, and I needed to supplement my income, so I decided to drive with Bolt.

Why did you choose to drive with Bolt when there are other ways to make money in Nigeria?

I chose to drive with Bolt because I wanted to be my own boss. You decide when you go online to match your schedule and can take as many breaks as you wish.

You were one of four winners of brand-new cars as part of the Bolt Driver League competition. How did you learn about the competition?

Bolt frequently contacts drivers on the platform via different channels. We get tips, bonuses, updates, and any necessary information that can help us while using the platform. So, I learnt about the competition from one of the emails Bolt sent me.

How did it feel to win a brand-new car, and what did it mean to you?

I was so excited! It was the happiest day of my life. Before winning the car, I didn’t have a car of my own. I was using my uncle’s car to drive with Bolt. Although it wasn’t on hire purchase, I still had to send money to him occasionally, which affected my total earnings. With the new car, I’ve now returned my uncle’s car.

The new car is so efficient — I’ve forgotten the last time I went to a mechanic, if not just to service the car. And to top it all off, I now make more money than before.

How has being a Bolt driver helped you financially and in other aspects of your life?

I’ve been able to increase my income and take care of my family. Now, I barely have problems paying my bills. And because the car’s efficient, I’ve been able to earn more money than before.

Can you tell us more about the requirements for becoming a Bolt driver?

Drivers must hold a valid driver’s license and a clean criminal record. All drivers also attend driver training for service quality and use of the Bolt driver application. 

What did you do differently from others that helped you win the car?

I consistently met the targets set for the competition, which required us to maintain a rating of not less than 4.8. That qualified me for the raffle draw, which I eventually won.

Are there any requirements from Bolt regarding the car you won?

Yes, but not monetary. I’m only required to keep the car in good condition and ensure that the vehicle branding on the car is kept intact for one year before total control is given to me.

Bolt recently opened the 2022 Driver League challenge. What advice do you have for drivers who want to enter the competition and aspiring drivers who wish to drive with Bolt?

The initiative is a fantastic opportunity for all drivers. I’d advise them to follow the competition’s terms and conditions, be prayerful, and not be involved in any fraudulent activity that would disqualify them. 

I’d advise potential or aspiring drivers to get a car and start driving with Bolt immediately because it’s profitable. I’ve achieved many things with my earnings since driving with Bolt and even more since winning the car.


Check out our blog post to learn more about the 2022 Driver League and the chance to win one of two brand new cars 

See the graphic below for a breakdown of the leagues and how to improve your chances of winning.

The best part is that, as a Bolt driver in Nigeria, you can earn up to N85,000 per week on average, on top of the chance to win amazing prizes. Get started here

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