The 2022 Bolt Food Restaurant Award winners announced

9 Aug 2023

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Reporting live from the Bolt Food Awards 2022, the winners have been announced! After 30 days of intense polling and debate, the results are finally in! 

Hundreds of our food-expert users have picked their favourite restaurants across ten categories. And now all that’s left to do is see the winners!

Local Champion

Locals always know best — especially when it comes to food! The “Local Champion” award honours the restaurant that received the highest rating from Bolt Food eaters.

And this year, the winner is…. Drum roll, please…


Chicken Republic

Hidden Gem

It’s time to go behind the curtain and discover the winner of the “Hidden Gem” award! Who says you must be in a prime location to serve delicious food? Our users know how to sniff out deliciousness even when it’s tucked away.

And their pick for this year is…


Lasgidi Shawarma and Burgers

Late-night Cravings

Just because it’s past midnight doesn’t mean you should have to settle for anything less than the best! Our users have picked the restaurant they swear by when they need a late-night meal. Ready to find out who it is?


Foodie24 Lagos

Rising Star

This restaurant may be fresh in town, but customers already know the menu like the back of their hand! The Rising Star Award celebrates the best restaurant that’s quickly gained immense popularity. This year, the award goes to…


Akara & Co

Guilty Pleasure

All roads lead to… one restaurant when it comes to the dish you can’t get enough of. It always appears in your order history! Our users have voted for the best restaurant with the most repeat orders, and the winner is…


12 Baskets

Sapa Friendly

Not all great meals come with expensive price tags — and this award celebrates the restaurant that proves it. Our users have chosen their favourite spot to get the most bang for their buck. Ready to find out who our winner is?


As E Dey Hot


It’s time for healthy cuisine to take centre stage! This restaurant proves that healthy food can be just as delicious and flavourful as any other! Let’s find out who our winner users have picked as the fitfam champion.



Treat Yourself

Put on your classy outfit because we’re about to reveal the fanciest restaurant of them all! Our users have chosen the restaurant that best suits a special occasion. Let’s find out who it is…


Lasgidi Sharwama and Burgers

Lunchtime Fave

Lunchtime is exciting not just because it’s a break from the daily grind but because it’s another chance to enjoy your favourite dish. Our users voted for the best restaurant with the most orders at noon and 5-star ratings.


Spicy Corner

The King of Jollof

While it’s nice to explore new cuisines, there’s nothing like traditional dishes cooked the way you love them. This award’s given to a restaurant specialising in Jollof rice with the most 5-star ratings.


Chicken Republic

Let’s raise a glass to our winners!

That’s a wrap on this year’s Bolt Food Restaurant Awards! We hope you enjoyed finding out which restaurants made the cut and discovered some new favourites. 

Congratulations to our winners, and a huge thanks to all who voted.

If you want to order from any of our winners (as well as thousands of other amazing restaurants), download the Bolt Food app today!

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