Ride safe with Bolt!

Ride safe with Bolt!

Your safety is our priority. Find out what we do to ensure your Bolt scooter rides are safe and learn some top scooter safety tips! With 1 incident per 80,000 km, Bolt is one of the safest scooter operators in the world.

Bolt Scooter School

Poročilo o varnosti skirojev Bolt

See how Bolt’s safety metrics compare to industry averages and learn about the new safety features that we have launched.

Poročilo o varnosti skirojev Bolt

Riding safe with Bolt

Scooter School

Complete our short lessons to learn about traffic rules and get safe riding suggestions.

Pre-ride training

Where are the brakes? The accelerator? The bell? All will be explained in your pre-ride training.

Beginner mode

We limit your scooter’s speed to 15 km/h, so that your first 5 rides are slow and steady.

Free helmets

Find out where you can get a Bolt helmet of your own.

The Bolt Scooter School

Learn how to ride a scooter safely.


General scooter safety rules

Nosi čelado

We advise bringing a helmet with you and wearing it while riding.

Stay alert

Check for traffic around you and start off slowly.

Don’t drink and ride

Never ride scooters while drunk or intoxicated.

rule item

Respect traffic rules

Follow all street signs while riding a scooter. Respect other commuters.

Don’t ride on pavements

Do not ride on pavements, use bike lanes when possible. Give way to pedestrians.

One person per scooter

Do not put yourself and your friends in unnecessary danger. Always ride alone!

rule item

Parkirajte odgovorno

Park your scooter near bike racks or in designated scooter drop zones.

Don’t block & clutter

Avoid blocking pavements, bus stops, and cluttering scooters on bike racks.

Line it up

Park your scooter next to other scooters. Always use the kickstand.

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