Staying safe behind the wheel

Staying safe behind the wheel

The health and safety of our communities is always our top priority. Find out what features we offer to help our drivers stay safe at the wheel.

Looking for rider safety info? Check our rider safety page.

Confidence on the road

These innovative features are designed to help Bolt drivers feel safe and comfortable while driving and earning on our platform.
Products and features vary by country. Some features listed here may not currently be available in your app.
Women for women

A special ride category aiming to keep female drivers and riders safe.

Driving time limits

Driving time limits ensure Bolt drivers get sufficient rest and always stay fresh and alert at the wheel.

Rider management

If we receive reports of consistently poor passenger behaviour, we will take appropriate action. We routinely block customers with inappropriate behaviour from using Bolt.

Your number stays private

When you make a call via our app, your phone number remains hidden.

Emergency assist

Drivers can quickly and discreetly alert the emergency services by tapping the in-app Emergency Assist button.

We’re here for you

Contact our Support team through the Bolt app or via phone. Or visit them face-to-face in your local hub.

Safety incident management

In the unlikely event of a safety incident, our High Priority Safety team will take immediate action.

Driver trip sharing

Share your real-time location with friends or family, so they know you’re safe.

Trip safety monitoring

If your car remains still for too long, we’ll contact both you and your rider to make sure everything is okay.

Collaboration with the police

We collaborate with law enforcement bodies on an ongoing basis. We have dedicated communication channels where police officers can obtain the required information.

How to stay safe while driving

How to stay safe while driving

  1. Pick up the correct rider
    Feel free to ask riders to confirm their name and requested destination before they enter your car.
  2. Focus on your driving
    Stay alert, keep your eyes on the road, and get enough rest to ensure you’re always ready to drive.
  3. Remain professional
    If a rider behaves inappropriately stay calm and polite, end the journey as soon as possible and report what has happened in the app.
  4. Trust your judgement
    If you ever find yourself in an emergency situation while driving with Bolt, use the emergency assist button in your app.

Driver safety FAQ

The Bolt Driver app contains innovative features to ensure your safety on the road. Depending on the country, these include an in-app Emergency Assist button, dedicated customer support, strict rider management, driving time limits, location sharing, and women-only rides.

There are several requirements to meet before you can sign up to drive with Bolt. These vary for different categories and countries. Please check the requirements from our Support page to see if your vehicle qualifies.

The rating score visible to you in the app is calculated based on the last 40 rated rides. If the average rating is below the allowed local threshold, your account may be blocked.

Please contact the Support team via your Bolt Driver app for advice on improving your rating.

If you’re involved in an accident, immediately notify the emergency services if necessary and let us know about the situation by contacting our Support team via the app.

We treat such incidents with the utmost priority.

Bolt drivers must meet specific requirements before hitting the streets. Once you complete your registration and your documents are verified, you’ll receive an email with the next steps to get activated. These instructions vary depending on the city and vehicle you’ll be driving in, so please follow them carefully.

The first time you go online, you’ll be prompted to verify yourself with a picture of your driving license and a selfie.

Sign up as a Bolt Driver and start earning money with your car.

Available for iOS and Android devices.
Sign up as a Bolt Driver and start earning money with your car.

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