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Mar 20, 2023

a car with a bolt logo car sticker

A Bolt sticker on your car is more than a sign of quality and safety that encourages customers to ride with you — it’s also an excellent way to earn extra!

In this blog post, you’ll learn everything a Bolt driver or fleet owner needs to know about getting a Bolt car sticker — from how it’s applied to its benefits (including the branding bonus).

Why the Bolt logo on cars?

The Bolt logo signifies our long-term commitment to working with you. It advertises our services, which can lead to more ride requests for you. The car stickers are also good for your business — they express quality and safety and let you earn an additional bonus.

The Bolt logo is a paint-safe car sticker that our partner branding agencies apply to both sides of your vehicle.

The car sticker design varies between countries, but the green Bolt logo can only be applied on white cars; all other coloured cars should have the white Bolt logo.

Read more below about the benefits of getting the Bolt logo on your car.

car with a car sticker

Five benefits of branding your vehicle with Bolt car stickers

If the cool look isn’t enough, here are five more benefits of getting your car branded.

Increased visibility

When customers see you on the road, they’ll know Bolt cars are available and ready to accept their ride requests.

Enhanced trust, credibility, and safety

Riders tend to feel safer in branded vehicles. We operate in 500+ cities, with over 100 million customers choosing Bolt as their go-to mobility service. Branding your vehicle is associated with a safe and high-quality service.

Extra earnings!

Branding your car is an easy way to earn an additional passive income. The branding bonus is guaranteed as long as you drive with us.

Greater sense of community

You can identify other Bolt drivers and together help define a new, greener future — with cities made for people, not private cars.

It’s free!*

You don’t need to pay — we cover all the sticker application costs. *Exceptions may apply.

Let’s talk more about the bonus

Once your car’s branded, you can start earning a regular bonus. The amount depends on the number of trips you complete or hours you’re online and will be automatically transferred to your Bolt account weekly or monthly.

Your local Bolt office will let you know, how much you can make for driving around in a car branded with Bolt car stickers.

Okay, I’m sold. How do I apply for Bolt car stickers?

This opportunity’s open to all Bolt drivers and fleet owners, but you and your car(s) must meet certain legal and technical requirements. And additional local conditions may also apply — please contact us, and we’ll guide you through the process.

To be eligible for car branding, you must:

  • Be a licenced driver in your country;
  • Be a registered Bolt partner;
  • Prove you own the vehicle you want to brand or get proof of consent from the owner.

There are some car restrictions. For example, we can’t brand car doors with irregular surfaces. Once you contact us, we’ll check your car to see if it’s suitable for branding. 

If applied, you’ll be required to keep the logo in good condition and request a renewal if needed.

For more information, message Bolt customer support via the Bolt Driver app.


How long does it take to apply the Bolt logo car sticker?

Don’t worry — you won’t be without your car for long. Applying the sticker takes under an hour on average, so you’ll be on the road and earning again in no time.

How do I put the sticker on the car?

Please don’t try to create or apply a sticker yourself. Our partner agencies will take care of this.

Will the sticker damage my car’s paint?

No. The original finish will remain intact if stickers are applied and removed professionally by our trusted partners.

Can I go through a car wash with the car sticker on?

Yes, but brushless or touchless car washes are the safest option. However, you can also use a pressure washer if you’re gentle with it.

How long do Bolt stickers last?

Stickers last about three years, depending on environmental factors and the care taken during and after installation.

Ready to join the club?

Get your car branded and become a Bolt ambassador! Contact your local Bolt office right away.

Not a Bolt driver yet? Sign up here. You can start quickly, get paid weekly, and earn on your schedule.

Check out our tips on how to achieve a high driver rating.

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