Bolt at Kyiv Boryspil Airport (KBP)

Wondering how to get from Kyiv Boryspil Airport to the city of Kyiv, or how to get from Kyiv to the airport? Request a ride to and from KBP at the tap of a button.

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Flying from Kyiv Boryspil Airport departures or looking for a cheaper alternative to parking at Kyiv Boryspil Airport? Ride with Bolt!

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With Bolt, you can request airport transportation from 100+ transport hubs around the world.

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How to get from Kyiv Boryspil Airport with Bolt

Open the Bolt app to request a ride

Select your destination and choose the KBP airport transportation option that suits you.

Follow the instructions in the app

The Boryspil International Airport pickup points will be shown in the app. You may also see ride-hailing pickup signs at Boryspil International Airport.

Follow the instructions in the app

Follow the directions in the app to reach the KBP pickup location. Ensure the car colour, make and driver details match what’s in the app before getting into the car.

Available services in Kyiv

Get a fast and affordable airport transfer with Bolt.



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Fast, convenient, high-quality rides


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High-quality cars to arrive in style


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Spacious and convenient rides


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Ride for work purposes


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Rides at the lowest price


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A 6-seater, perfect for larger groups or extra luggage


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Cars equipped with a baby seat


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Environmentally-friendly rides.


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Fast deliveries


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This category is pet-friendly, conditions apply


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On-demand electric scooters

Fares are estimates only. Prices may vary based on traffic conditions, unforseeable delays, discounts and other factors.

Airport Ride FAQ

Can I request a Bolt ride at KBP airport?

Bolt is available at KBP airport! Get a fast, affordable and convenient ride to wherever you’re going.

Where is the Bolt pickup location at KBP airport?

Bolt pickup locations at KBP airport may be subject to change. To check the best pickup location, open the Bolt app and request a ride.

How much does a Bolt ride to KBP airport cost?

Bolt prices to and from KBP are always competitive but may vary based on traffic conditions, delays and other unforeseeable factors. Check the Bolt app to see the cost of your trip before you ride.

How long will it take to get a Bolt ride?

Bolt cars usually arrive in minutes! Exact pickup times may vary depending on your precise location, demand and other factors. Download the Bolt app to check the current pickup wait times.

Can Bolt pick me up from KBP airport?

Yes, Bolt can pick you up from KBP airport. Simply open the Bolt app and request a ride. Going to a different airport ? Get a fast, affordable ride to or from 100+ airports around the world.

Is there an extra fee for airport rides?

You can check the final price of your trip in the Bolt app before requesting a ride, so there are no surprises! If you have any questions, please see our Help Centre.

Boryspil International Airport (KBP) visitor information

For more information about the airport, check the Kyiv Boryspil Airport website and social media

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