Stockholm, Sweden

Bolt in Stockholm

Stockholmers call their city 'beauty on water'. But despite the well-preserved historic core, it's modern, dynamic and ever-evolving. Use Bolt to get around at any time. It doesn’t matter if it’s between meetings or after a night out.

Huduma zilizopo

Affordable ride service.
1 - 4
40 kr Msingi
7.45 kr KM + 5.65 kr DK
90 kr Kima cha chini cha

Premium ride service.
50 kr Msingi
13.80 kr KM + 9 kr DK
100 kr Kima cha chini cha

6-seat bus service.
75 kr Msingi
16 kr KM + 10 kr DK
150 kr Kima cha chini cha

Fares shown at booking are estimates only. Actual prices may vary based on traffic conditions, unforeseeable delays, tolls, discounts, applicable taxes, and other factors.

Earn Money Driving with Bolt

Fanya kazi kwa ratiba yako mwenyewe. Hakuna masaa ya chini na hakuna bosi.

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Bolt Stockholm

Driver & Customer Support
Msaada & maswali ya mara kwa mara
Usajili wa madereva wapya
Wallingatan, 111 60 Stockholm
Nambari ya usajili ya kampuni
Maelezo ya kisheria
Sheria na masharti