The best pizza in Cape Town — 5 must-try restaurants on Bolt Food

03 Oct 2023

The best pizza in Cape Town

If you’re in Cape Town, South Africa, and feeling hungry, you might wonder, “Where can I find the best pizza near me?” 

Well, you’re in luck because this article is all about that question — the best pizza in Cape Town, according to Bolt Food.

Whether you’re a tourist exploring South Africa or a local, curious to discover the best pizzeria in town, we’re here to help! 

Best pizza places in Cape Town

Bolt Food is your go-to food delivery service in Cape Town, connecting you with the best restaurants and delivering your favourite food in minutes.

With thousands of hungry customers using our service daily, we’ve got the inside scoop on their favourite pizza restaurants in Cape Town. Let’s dive in!

Roman’s Pizza

Roman's Pizza Bolt Food

Roman’s Pizza has more than just a tasty menu; it has a rich history, too!

This South African-based pizza place has been running strong since 1993. 

Today, Roman’s Pizza has some of the busiest pizzerias in the country, with some restaurants selling up to 2,000 pizzas per night

Such high demand shows just how delicious their pizza is.

So, what can you find on their menu?

Roman’s Pizza offers a variety of options and toppings to satisfy your cravings. 

You can enjoy well-known classics like pepperoni, cheese pizza, BBQ chicken, and delicious vegetarian choices.

They mainly focus on takeaways, so open the Bolt Food app and order their delicious pizza to find out why this restaurant chain is a Cape Town favourite even after so many years.

Pizza Perfect

Pizza Perfect Bolt Food

Pizza Perfect truly lives up to its name. 

Since opening its doors in 1989, the restaurant has been on a mission to perfect the art of making pizza, and they settle for nothing less than perfect — just as their name suggests.

Here, you can find an authentic Neapolitan-style pizza.

They always use high-quality ingredients and toppings, with hand-stretched dough that bakes in their wood-fired oven, leaving customers speechless and in love. 

Precisely because of this, Pizza Perfect is a well-known and highly respected pizzeria cherished by the locals of Cape Town.

And when we say they offer a lot of pizzas, we mean it. You’ll have quite the scroll to discover all the toppings they offer. 

Some favourites include Margherita with delicious mozzarella cheese, Mafiosa, Four Seasons, and pepperoni with Neapolitan pizza sauce. 

They also offer vegetarian options and creative versions like bacon and banana.

Ready to taste their delicious pizza? Open the Bolt Food app and give it a try!

Nom Nom

Nom Nom Bolt Food

What’s the sound you make when food is delicious? It’s “nom-nom,” which perfectly explains why this restaurant is called Nom Nom.

The Nom Nom team goes the extra mile to provide an exceptional service and delicious food. 

Their crispy pizza base, flavourful toppings, and fresh ingredients always leave customers craving more. And that’s why they’ve built a loyal following in Cape Town.

Can’t decide which pizza to try? 

How about their Apollo pizza (with mushroom, chicken, and avocado) or the Mexican (with chilli beef mince and jalapenos)? 

There’s something to satisfy every palate, including vegetarians who can savour their Veggie pizza topped with spinach, feta, and olives.

Order now with Bolt Food and discover why Nom Nom is one of the town’s favourites!


Trenchtown bolt food

If you stop someone on the streets of Cape Town, chances are they’ve heard about Trenchtown. 

This restaurant is famous for its remarkable fusion of Jamaican and South African cuisine. Now, you might wonder, does pizza belong in this mix? Well, let us tell you — it absolutely does!

At Trenchtown, you can find a variety of pizzas to suit all tastes. Whether you’re craving a Margherita, the veggie option, or the spicy chicken, they’ve got you covered. 

And if you’re feeling adventurous, don’t miss the Trenchtown Round, with smoky bacon, Danish feta, and creamy avocado. Ordering pizza from Trenchtown is easy.

Just open the Bolt Food app, pick your favourite, and enjoy the delicious flavours that make this place so special in Cape Town.

Col’Cacchio Canal Walk

Col'Cacchio Canal Walk Bolt Food

Ever heard the saying that food made with love tastes better? Even a study has found this to be true

Well, if that’s the case, then you have to try Col’Cacchio Canal Walk in Cape Town.

What makes this Italian restaurant special is the love story at its heart. This pizzeria’s founders met, fell in love, and combined their entrepreneurial and restaurant expertise to create something truly special.

They envisioned a restaurant serving Italian-inspired dishes crafted with love and the freshest, finest ingredients.

Now, let’s talk pizza. At Col’Cacchio Canal Walk, you’ll find everything you could ever want in a great pizza:

  • Mouthwatering sauces; 
  • Fresh toppings;
  • A variety of options, including vegan pizzas.

Open the Bolt Food app and place your order to experience the love-infused flavours at Col’Cacchio Canal Walk.

Try some of the best pizzas in Cape Town!

Exploring the best pizza in Cape Town, the Mother City, is a delightful journey for any pizza lover like yourself.

Open the Bolt Food app, browse the menus, and don’t forget to share your favourite pizzeria with your loved ones!

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