Get the best of Bolt with Bolt Plus

Get the best of Bolt with Bolt Plus

Join Bolt Plus to unlock the premium features of your Bolt app. Receive exclusive benefits like price protection, priority pick-ups, and much more!

Bolt Plus benefits

Get access to exclusive benefits that save you time and money.

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    Price protection

    If ride prices increase due to high demand, your price will be capped, saving you money even when it’s busy.

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    Free cancellation

    Enjoy the flexibility of being able to cancel up to 3 rides per month with no fees.

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    Priority pick-ups

    When you request a ride you go straight to the top of the waiting list, ensuring faster pick ups.

How to join Bolt Plus

Open the Bolt app
Open the Bolt app or download Bolt if you don’t have it yet.
Go to the main menu
Open the sidebar and tap on Join Bolt Plus.
Choose a plan
Select the plan that suits you best.
Sign up
That’s it! You can immediately start enjoying the best of Bolt.
Frequently asked questions

Bolt Plus works with all ride-hailing services offered by Bolt in the country in which you sign up, but the included benefits do not cover Bolt Business rides. Note: price protection price caps vary city-to-city. Check the Bolt Plus benefits and FAQ to find out which categories and price cap applies in your city.

Once you sign up, you’ll automatically receive price protection during times of high demand, priority pick up for your rides and access to other benefits. Learn more about these benefits in the FAQs below.

Price protection is valid for most car ride-types and automatically applies to rides when there’s high-demand. The price cap varies city-by-city. This benefit is not applicable to Bolt Business rides and cannot be transferred to another user.

We prioritise your ride request to offer a shorter wait time and faster pick up during times of high-demand or low driver availability.

Your membership renews automatically each month until you cancel. We will remind you about the upcoming renewal in advance. You can also check, cancel and manage your membership in your Bolt app.

Join Bolt Plus today!

Price protection, priority pick-ups, special discounts and more are waiting.
Join Bolt Plus today!