11 features in the Bolt app to improve your commute

Oct 20, 2023

Person commuting to work with the Bolt app.

Downloading the Bolt app gives you a reliable way to travel for work — and knowing how to use the best features makes your working life even easier.

In this article, you’ll find the 10 best features in the Bolt app to make your journey more comfortable when commuting or travelling for business.

1. Charge work rides to your company

If your employer has a Bolt Business account, you can charge travel directly to them.

Once added to a company’s Bolt Business account, you will have a new payment option — choose it before the work ride, and the employer will cover the cost.

Change the payment method to your company in the Bolt app.

2. Create a Bolt Work Profile

Use a Work Profile to separate your personal and business trips. 

Set it up for free and receive an accounting receipt pre-filled with your company’s details after every journey. And get a complete ride report every month.

Just remember to switch to your Work Profile before your business rides.

3. Connect an expense provider to your Work Profile

You can connect your Bolt Work Profile with your company’s expense provider.

We will send them the receipts for each work ride directly, speeding up the expense process. You will not have to complete any reports yourself if your company uses one of these expense management systems:

4. Schedule work rides 3 days in advance

Experience peace of mind with our Scheduled Rides feature

Whether you need a comfortable commute to the office, a reliable ride to an offsite meeting, or an early trip to the airport, book your work rides with Bolt — up to 72 hours in advance. 

Once the driver arrives, you have 5 minutes of free waiting time. If the driver arrives earlier, the waiting time starts only at the selected pickup time. We will also send you reminders 1 day and 1 hour before.

5. Add multiple stops to a single ride

A single ride can have up to 4 stops, including the final destination. 

Pick up your colleagues, clients, cargo — anything — en route to your destination.

6. Emergency Assist

You can quickly take action if you, the driver, or somebody outside the vehicle is in critical danger.

Tapping the shield icon and the Emergency Assist button sends an alert to the emergency response team. Our Safety team also gets a notification and will contact you as soon as possible.

7. Business ride type

Choose the Business ride type to travel for work comfortably and securely — in bigger cars with ample legroom.

Note: You will only see this ride type if your company uses Bolt Business.

Using the Business category in the Bolt app.

8. Contact your driver

Call or message your driver directly in the Bolt app without sharing personal contact details.

And feel no language barrier when abroad — we instantly translate your messages to the driver into their language.

9. Set your favourite locations

Save your home and work addresses as favourite locations in the Bolt app to avoid typing the address every time. 

10. Share your ride details with a colleague

When going to a time-sensitive meeting with a colleague or client, you can share your trip details with them so they can track your journey in real-time. 

They may even have a coffee ready for your arrival. ☕️

11. Change your destination mid-journey

If the location of your meeting should change at the last minute, you can change your desired destination during the ride.

Edit your final destination during the ride in the Bolt app.

Travel for work with Bolt

You have two options to use the Bolt app for work: the Bolt Work Profile and Bolt Business. 

Set up a Work Profile in the Bolt app to add a company payment card and get pre-filled ride receipts to an email of your choice after every journey. 

Meanwhile, being able to use Bolt Business depends on your employer. They need to create an account — online in minutes — and add you as a user. You will see your company as a payment method in your Bolt app — saving you from using your money and expensing it back. 

Use Bolt Business to make your next commute more convenient.

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