How many engineers does it take to have an epic team event?

May 23, 2019

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On 14-15 of May, Bolt engineers and product managers gathered in Pärnu for a quarterly meet-up filled with lots of knowledge and good vibes.

A short overview of the event would go a little bit like this:

  • 130 people from our European engineering hubs
  • One relatively small coastal city of Estonia
  • The real honey badger attitude (…wait, what? More about this in here)

And just so you know, the 3-ingredient-recipe above ☝️ is not actually a ticket to a cray-cray rollercoaster.

So, what actually goes on at these kinds of events?

It’s all about a nice balance between work and play.

The first day was kicked off with a keynote by our very own VP of Engineering, Rain Johanson, followed with talks from the CPO Jevgeni Kabanov and Security Manager Tarmo Randel. He has a NATO background, by the way. Just saying. The day continued with more talks and updates by our team members on mobile, QA, tech support, backend and system architecture.

But, when in Pärnu, the beach is a must. So we channelled our inner Oahu vibes and continued the afternoon in a local surf club with skimboarding, SUPing and kayaking. The land-lovers had a chance to fatbike and fly a kite. And when it was time, we set the day away with a nice dinner, networking and a small celebration.

work at bolt

The second day was more hands-on with different workshops, all backed up by our data science team’s tips and know-how.

After lunch, we tickled our brains with some outdoor puzzle games in Pärnu Beach Park and enjoyed the summery weather we were blessed with.

And that was about it. For this time.

Learning points

Live and learn, they say. So, we set ourselves a challenge.

Next time we will put even more emphasis on mixing up different teams and people so it would be easier to understand the dependencies in our daily work.

Highlights to remember

  • Having a chance to see the latest design of Bolt Food delivery bag
  • Taking over Pärnu on Bolt scooters
  • Designing our own T-shirt for the event (… and proudly wearing it!)

Want to attend next time?

Would be awesome, right? See the list of open positions from here.

And PS! It’s not only engineers and product managers who get awesome events like that in Bolt. Everybody does. Plus, twice a year we gather with the whole company. Last time it was in Portugal. Read about it from here.

So, chop-chop, to the Careers page now!

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