Bolt launches car-sharing service — Bolt Drive

May 4, 2021

We’re excited to announce the newest member of the Bolt family — Bolt Drive! From today, Bolt riders in Estonia can rent a car conveniently and affordably through their Bolt app at the tap of a button.

Bolt Drive combines with our ride-hailing and micromobility services, ensuring our customers have access to an appropriate vehicle whatever the occasion.

We’re committed to making urban travel more sustainable, affordable, and responsible; and with Bolt Drive, we’re encouraging alternative transport options over personal cars, which take up city space and cause congestion.

The benefits of Bolt Drive car rental

Let’s take a closer look at why Bolt Drive is the number one choice when you need to rent a car.

  • Pay a single fee — covering car hire, fuel, insurance, and parking;
  • A wide range of brand new vehicles to choose from Compact, Mid-size, Electric, Premium, SUV, and Van;
  • No extra downloads necessary — find a car from the map in your Bolt app and get going;
  • Easy drop-offs — when you’re finished, park anywhere within the designated area shown in the app;
  • Car rental 24/7 — get a car whenever you need one.

Bolt Drive

Bolt Drive — convenient, affordable, environmentally friendly

“Personal cars are the primary cause of problems in urban transport. They are responsible for traffic, environmental emissions, and taking up city space. Bolt’s mission is to help people give up their cars by providing a better alternative.

For people to switch from ownership to on-demand transport, we need to offer a more convenient, affordable, and environmentally sustainable option for every distance. We are already doing this for short and medium-distance trips. Bolt Drive now covers the last missing use cases, whether it’s a trip to a shopping mall or a weekend getaway.

For the first time, people can give up their personal vehicles, knowing that they still have access to a car at any time, from the same app they already use for scooters, e-bikes, and ride-hailing”.

Markus Villig — CEO, Bolt

Bolt Drive

Try Bolt Drive car rental today!

Today, we’ve launched Bolt Drive in Estonia, but we look forward to bringing our car-sharing service to more cities across the world! Be sure to stay tuned to our blog and social channels for all the latest updates.

If you’re ready to Drive without the hassle, expense, and headache of owning your own car, try Bolt Drive via the Bolt app today. Tap, tap… Drive!

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