Bolt scooters and e-bikes are now available in Jelbi

Feb 22, 2023

Bolt scooters and ebikes on Jelbi

We’re happy to share that it’s now possible to book Bolt scooters and e-bikes via Jelbi! Jelbi is an all-in-one app for using Berlin public transport and sharing services.

Micromobility in urban transportation

Micromobility plays an increasingly important role in achieving cities’ sustainable transportation goals. It solves cities’ persistent challenges, such as traffic congestion and air and noise pollution.

This type of MaaS integration benefits the city by providing more sustainable public transportation services and the residents by offering them the added value of accessing Europe’s most extensive shared vehicle fleet through a single app.

More cities are starting to adopt micromobility to minimise their carbon footprint and reduce car traffic.

Why Bolt?

Bolt is the largest provider of micromobility in Europe. We operate a fleet of ca. 10,000 electric scooters and bikes in Berlin alone. We’re also active in the neighbouring city of Potsdam in Brandenburg.

We’ve been operating in Germany since May 2021 and offer ride-hailing service in Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich, as well as an e-bike service in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Munich, Munster, Frankfurt, Darmstadt, and Hamburg.

Benefits of the collaboration between Jelbi and Bolt

The integration of Bolt scooters and e-bikes in the Jelbi app is beneficial to both municipality and our users since:

  • it provides more sustainable and individualised public transportation services;
  • it reduces wait time;
  • it resolves the first/last mile problem;
  • it offers a sustainable alternative to private cars;
  • it reduces the number of people using public transportation during rush hours;
  • it allows users to pay for the whole journey in a single (Jelbi) app.

“We’re pleased about the cooperation with BVG (Berlin’s public transport operator) and the integration into the Jelbi app. Like BVG, we want to achieve a sustainable turnaround in mobility, moving away from private cars towards new, environmentally friendly alternatives”.

Balthasar Scheder, Regional Manager at Bolt

Safety as a priority

To further improve the adoption of e-scooters, Bolt’s central goal, in addition to partnerships and a trusting relationship with the cities, is to enhance the safety of micromobility.

To this end, Bolt has developed several industry-leading functions. These include an exclusive tandem-riding prevention system, a drunk driving test, a safety toolkit, and more.

Moreover, Bolt takes measures to prevent improper micromobility parking. After consulting with the Berlin city administration, we’ve set up comprehensive no-parking zones where users cannot end the ride.

Together with our partner Deutsche Verkehrswaft (DVW), we’ve been organising scooter safety events with their local chapters across Germany.

Also, an AI-based parking photo analysis feature verifies each photo taken by users after the ride to ensure that all light vehicles are correctly parked.

Finally, our special on-the-ground team, Bolt Patrol, cruises the streets and deals exclusively with correcting poor micromobility parking.


What is Jelbi?

Jelbi is an all-in-one app for using Berlin public transport and sharing services. 

Who can use Jelbi?

Jelbi users must be 18 years or older.

How to use Jelbi?

Download the app from the AppStore (iOS) or the PlayStore (Android). Sign up as a new user, or if you have an account for the BVG Tickets app or the Fahrinfo, you can sign in with the email address and password you use there. 

How can I book a Bolt scooter/e-bike in Jelbi?

Enter your destination in the “Where to?” box, choose your preferred option, and confirm your selection with a tap. OR select your preferred mode of transport by clicking on one of the home screen icons. The app will guide you through the booking process.

For detailed information, please visit Jelbi’s official website.

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