How to use the Bolt Business dashboard

Aug 1, 2022

Company admin arranging business travel on the Bolt Business dashboard

With the Bolt Business dashboard, you can manage, track, and arrange ground travel transportation for employees, clients, and guests.

The dashboard is an easy-to-use tool that gives your team a simple way to travel for work while helping to bring down costs. You can add your team, set spending limits, and keep an eye on the trips they’re taking — all from one place.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your dashboard — which you’ll have access to by creating your Bolt Business account. And you’ll get plenty of tips to help transform your ground travel management for the better.

Why use Bolt Business?

Bolt Business is an affordable, reliable, and safe way to manage your company’s ground travel. You’ll be making it easier for you to get your team to where they need to be — on time and ready for work. And from day one you’ll get all the benefits, such as:

  • No expensing hassle; 
  • Carbon-neutral rides in Europe;
  • Affordable ground travel on a global scale (45 countries and 400+ cities).

Once you’ve set up your account, you’ll be able to manage all company work rides from your Bolt Business dashboard. 

Tip: If you’re looking to automate your work ride expenses as an individual, you may want to create a Bolt Work Profile rather than a Team Account.

bolt business dashboard

What is the Bolt Business dashboard?

The Bolt Business dashboard is where you get complete control over the work rides taken by your team. You can use the dashboard to:

  • See all trips in one place;
  • Manage the travel of everyone in your team;
  • Control the spending of individuals and groups;
  • Look over monthly account statements that include all expenses;
  • Set up automatic payment for all of your employees’ business ground travel — saving them from the time-consuming hassle of filling out expense reports.

Get to know the dashboard

You can find your way around the Bolt Business dashboard from the menu on the left-hand side. Here you’ll find tabs named:

  • Rides;
  • Groups;
  • Policies;
  • People;
  • Ride Booker.

Each of these areas has a part to play in improving how you manage, and track company work rides. Let’s take a look at what you can do with each of them. 


Within Rides, you can see all of the journeys made by your team — allowing you to keep track of their work trips. You can break the information down by month, rider, or group (more on Groups next).

You can also download a Rides Report that gives you all the information you need about the work rides taken by your employees in a spreadsheet. Downloading this report makes it easier to get closer to all of the available data.

You can get a Rides Report by following these steps:

  1. Go into the Rides are of your dashboard; 
  2. Filter the information by month, rider, or group (whichever you want the report based on);
  3. Click the down arrow (↓) in the top right-hand corner;
  4. Download the Rides Report as a .XLSX or .CSV file.


Splitting your team into Groups makes it easier to set separate spending and travel limits for employees who travel more or less than others. And there’s no limit to how many Groups you can make. 

One way to use this feature would be to separate different departments — setting unique spending limits and travel permissions. For example, your sales team may need a higher credit limit for their work rides than the Customer Service team.


Within Policies, you can control all areas of your team’s business travel.

  • Get a reason for each ride. Riders will need to give a reason for their trip via the Bolt app. 
  • Limit spending. Set how much each group or individual can spend on their work rides within a certain period. 
  • Time and date. Your team will only be able to take rides on specific days of the week and times of the day.
  • Supply type. Depending on the country and city your team is travelling around for work, there may be several ways for them to travel with Bolt. The choice may include car rides, premium car rides, and car, e-scooter, and/or e-bike rental.
  • Location limits. Only give your team permission to charge rides to the company when they’re going to and from specific locations.


The People section allows you to add, deactivate, and view all users who can charge their work rides to your company — giving them a business travel app. They can be employees, external partners, or contractors — which you can split into different groups. 

When first setting up your account, you can use the bulk import tool to add your entire team at once. If you have one new starter who will need to travel, you can add individuals at any time.

Ride Booker

With Ride Booker, you can book a ride for an employee, client, or guest in advance for a specific time.

From the dashboard, admins set the date, time, and location of the pickup. Then we’ll send a driver to pick them up at the desired time. The passenger doesn’t need to do anything, but they will get an SMS letting them know when the driver is on their way. 

Employee checking the details of their Bolt work taxi on their phone

More dashboard tips

Here are some extra tips that should be useful when managing ground travel.

Add administrators

Managing business travel for your company doesn’t have to be the responsibility of one person. You can add as many admins as you need by entering their first name, last name, email, and phone number. 

Admins have full access to your Bolt Business account, which allows them to add employees, set policies, and create groups. Most companies have found that having up to 3 admins is optimal.

Connect trips with expense codes

By uploading a list of expense codes, riders must choose one before their next ride with Bolt — helping to connect trips with your internal costs.

Once you’ve uploaded a list of expense codes, you can add them to specific Policies. That way, not all riders will need to select an expense code. 

Flexible Ride booking

A Flexible Ride booking is ideal if you’re helping a client or guest get to your office. 

Admins book a ride for a future date through the dashboard — stating the pickup location. Riders are then sent an SMS with a link that they can tap to book the ride within a 24-hour period that you have selected. They don’t even need the Bolt app. 

Get early access to new features

You’ll notice that we’re always taking steps to improve your dashboard. Before new features are made widely available, you can get exclusive Beta access within Settings.

All the support you need

As a Bolt Business customer, you have a direct point of contact whenever you need support, thanks to our dedicated Account Management team.

You can also contact customer service via the dashboard to give you personal support with your account in multiple languages. To get in touch, leave them a message via Support, and they’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

If you want to learn more about the Bolt Business dashboard, head to our help page.

Get your team moving with Bolt Business

You’re now in a position to start managing work rides for your employees with ease using Bolt Business. And it doesn’t take long to get started. Signing up can be done in minutes, and your team can start travelling for work with Bolt Business on the same day. 

Complete your sign-up today to get all the benefits of a Bolt Business Team Account.

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