Five reasons to choose Bolt Food as your delivery partner

Sep 27, 2022

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A dedicated food delivery partner is the best way to ensure a quality delivery service. And being on a delivery partner’s app provides you with so much more than just a reliable courier service. 

Here are five reasons why we believe you should choose Bolt Food as your restaurant’s or store’s delivery partner.

Extra earnings

You may have already tried calculating whether a delivery partner is profitable for your business or not. And after looking at labour costs, rent, and other fixed expenses, you might have concluded that it wasn’t. 

But it’s important to remember that you shouldn’t include fixed costs since they’re the same whether you use a food delivery partner or not.

The sales you get through a delivery partner’s app are a bonus you wouldn’t receive otherwise. Having a delivery partner lets you make extra money that helps cover those fixed expenses. And once you’ve paid the bills, you’ll have the peace of mind to focus on making more profit on in-house sales.

Multiple payment options

Ordering in is all about convenience. Customers are used to their preferred payment method, and they’ll choose their food delivery app based on what offers the most flexibility. So, multiple payment options in one delivery app means more happy users.

As a delivery partner, Bolt Food offers multiple payment options. In most countries, you can pay for your Bolt Food order with a debit or credit card, cash, or Bolt Balance account. 

Bolt Food also features payment options like mobile payments in some countries, and other alternatives are currently in the works.

More potential customers

Bolt is the first European super-app with more than 100 million users across Europe and Africa! We can offer more potential customers than any other regional delivery partner.

It’s true that not all Bolt customers use the food delivery app, but they’re more likely to try Bolt Food because they already use our ride-hailing services. 

So, millions of our ride-hailing, scooter, e-bike, car-sharing, Bolt Business, and grocery delivery customers could be your next potential clients!

Raised awareness

People who want a specific meal will probably find a way to get it, even if you don’t use a delivery partner. But the average person in a hurry doesn’t always know what they want to eat and from where.

They often want to be inspired — so they’ll open up their food delivery app for ideas on what to choose.

So if you’re not on that app they’ve just opened, you’re simply missing out on these spontaneous purchases. 

Research also shows people tend to make larger purchases when ordering food online. So if you’re interested in new clients and more sales, make Bolt Food your food delivery partner.

Marketing support

Many people use the Bolt Food app as a convenient, all-in-one source to find and try out new restaurants. 

App users can sort nearby restaurants based on cuisine, rating, distance, and more, so they may discover a restaurant on our app and visit it later. Customers who have ordered takeaway from your restaurant are 67% more likely to visit!

But that’s not all. We have many extra ways to increase your visibility to purchase-ready customers. 

One of the best ways is to take part in our featured campaigns. These include free delivery, buy one get one free, food and drink combos, and discounts on certain foods or the whole menu. All can help increase your sales significantly and help you reach new customers. 

Are you ready to make Bolt Food your delivery partner?

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