Introducing scooter charging docks to the streets of Tallinn

Oct 13, 2021


Great news! We’ve installed scooter charging docks in Tallinn so users can charge scooters after their ride. There are currently nine charging locations across Tallinn — in Balti Jaam, Keskturg, Mustakivi, Ülemiste, and close to TalTech. We also plan to add more charging docks to each area of the city.

And if that’s not enough, in 2022, we’re planning to deploy 1500 charging docks across our European markets. 

Why use Bolt’s charging docks? 

Our charging docks are an innovative way to park and charge Bolt scooters. 

They also help to reduce environmental pollution, cutting out the need for our Operations teams to collect low-battery scooters using vans and additional resources. 

The charging docks encourage better parking habits and contribute to the overall improvement of the cityscape, especially as all charging points are located in busy areas.

As there are no cables that could wear out and require additional maintenance, our charging docks offer a sustainable urban charging solution for the 21st century! 

How to use Bolt’s scooter charging docks

One charging dock can hold up to ten scooters. These charging docks are suitable for the Bolt 4, Bolt 3, and Bolt 2 scooter models. All charging docks are marked on the map inside your Bolt app.

As there are no cables to plug in, to start charging, simply push the scooter into the socket — and that’s it!

Note: You must push your scooter into the charging dock before ending your ride.

Bolt scooter charging dock

N.B. If you’re a city representative or a property owner and you want to see a charging dock where you are, please fill out this short form!

Charge and get a discount!

Users who charge scooters with low battery levels will also receive a discount of 1€ on their next Bolt scooter ride. 

So, on top of contributing to a cleaner cityscape, your pocket will also benefit from our charging docks!

If you’re ready to test our new charging docks — after moving fast, affordably, and more sustainably — simply download the Bolt app and get going!

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