Pay for your Bolt work rides with Mooncard

Jul 20, 2022

Businessman ordering a work taxi from the Bolt app using Mooncard

Travelling for work can come with many headaches. None more time-consuming than manually filling out expense reports. 

The Bolt Work Profile — a free feature in the Bolt app — can save you from the time and hassle of handling those expense reports. 

Every time you travel for work with Bolt, switch to your Work Profile to charge the ride to your company card. A digital ride receipt (pre-filled with all your company’s details) will go straight to an email of your choice after the journey. 

And now, for companies using Mooncard, the Bolt Work Profile makes work travel even easier. 

By paying for your work rides with a Mooncard payment card, a digital receipt will go straight to your company’s Mooncard dashboard. So, you can travel for work without giving expense reports a second thought. 

Meet Mooncard

Mooncard offers a simple way to pay, manage, and track business travel expenses. 

Teams can use the Mooncard payment card to charge business payments to their company. Admins can then track these expenses in real-time from the Mooncard dashboard. 

Over 4,500 companies are already using Mooncard, with their customer satisfaction rate sitting above 96%. And when you look at the benefits, it’s easy to see why. 

Benefits of using Mooncard

Using Mooncard to pay for Bolt work rides makes travelling easier for every team member. 

Riders will benefit from: 

  • Expenses charged to the company: paying with a Mooncard card by Visa avoids the hassle of using personal money and claiming it back.
  • Pre-filled invoices: there are no papers or documents to fill in as it’s done automatically in the Mooncard app. 
  • No risk of losing invoices: they’re all saved in the Mooncard app.
  • Authorised payments: individuals can be confident that the company has approved their purchases.
  • Rewards: earn Flying Blue Miles when using a Mooncard.

And company admins reap the rewards too: 

  • Set restrictions for each card in real-time: choose from over 60 parameters to limit usage to specific days, times, places, types of mobility and more.
  • A more productive team: less time lost filling out expense reports.
  • Automatically archived invoices: all invoices are added to the Mooncard dashboard and filled with essential information.
  • One-click approval: designated approvers can approve payments in a single click.
  • VAT recovery: the correct amount of VAT is automatically collected.

By adding a Mooncard as the payment method for your work rides in the Bolt Work Profile, the invoice will go to your company’s Mooncard dashboard. This will make it easier for everyone to keep on top of work ride expenses.

What is the Bolt Work Profile?

The Bolt Work Profile is a simple way to keep your rides for work and pleasure separate. And it’s free to set up in the Bolt app

You can add your company card (such as Mooncard) to your profile and set it as your payment method ahead of each work ride. Doing this will save you from having to deal with some of the biggest hassles that business travel has to offer:

  • Save time: work ride expense reports are automated.
  • Accurate reports: receipts are pre-filled with your company’s details.
  • Green work rides: digital expenses use less paper.

After each work ride, an accounting receipt — pre-filled with all company details — will be sent to an email of your choice. You can also find them in your monthly ride report.

Note: If you’ve connected your Bolt Work Profile with an expense provider and you pay with Mooncard, your digital invoices will go to Mooncard — not the expense provider.

Set up your Bolt Work Profile

You can set up a Bolt Work Profile for free in a few taps: 

  1. Download the Bolt app (if you haven’t already);
  2. Tap Work trips in the menu on the left-hand side;
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions. 

Once you’ve set up your Work Profile, you need to switch the payment method to Work before each work trip.

How to set up a Bolt Work Profile in the Bolt app

Add your Mooncard card to your Bolt Work Profile

When setting up your Bolt Work Profile, a prompt will ask you to add a card. If you need to add your Mooncard at a later time, here’s how to do it: 

  • Open the Bolt app;
  • Tap Payments in the left-hand menu;
  • Choose Work as the payment method;
  • Select Add debit/credit card;
  • Fill in your Mooncard details;
  • Tap Add card.

With your Mooncard added as the payment method for your Bolt work rides, all digital receipts will go straight to your company’s Mooncard dashboard. It’s never been easier to travel for work.

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