Introducing Scheduled Rides — a convenient way to book upcoming trips

May 16, 2023

Scheduled rides

Ever gone to bed stressing about an upcoming trip or meeting you can’t miss? Whether it’s an early flight or an important event, Bolt will get you there on time!

With the new Scheduled Rides feature, you can book rides up to 90 days in advance and focus on having a good time instead of stressing about reaching your destination. 

In this post, we’ve collected the most common questions about the feature — keep reading to learn more! 

6 reasons to schedule a Bolt ride

If you’re in a hurry to finalise your itinerary, here are the benefits of pre-booking a Bolt ride:

  1. Secure a ride for when you need it most.
  2. Confirm a ride up to 90 days in advance.
  3. Lock the price upfront — it won’t change!
  4. Get reminders about your upcoming trip.
  5. Enjoy extra free waiting time.
  6. Cancel the ride for free up to 1 hour before.

How to schedule a ride

You can reserve a Bolt ride for any time, up to 90 days in advance. Whether it’s a late-night flight, an important event, or something you can’t miss — this feature’s for you!

The Scheduled Rides feature also offers a stress-free way to secure rides in remote areas with fewer drivers.

Scheduling a ride takes less than a minute, and there are several ways to do it.

Option 1:

  1. Open the Bolt app;
  2. Tap the ‘Schedule’ button;
  3. Add the ride date and time;
  4. Enter the destination and choose a ride category;
  5. Confirm your request by tapping Reserve Bolt!
Pre-book a Bolt ride

Option 2: 

  1. Open the Bolt app;
  2. Enter your destination in the Where to? field
  3. Before confirming your request, tap the calendar icon at the bottom right of the screen;
  4. Select the ride date and time, and confirm your request!
Reserve a Bolt ride

You’ll see a 10-minute pick-up window in the app because we can’t guarantee your driver will arrive at a precise minute. If you’re worried you might be late, simply select an earlier time. 

We’ll keep you updated with all the relevant information, and you’ll get reminders 1 day and 1 hour before. And when the driver starts moving toward you, we’ll send you a push notification. You’ll also see the driver’s details and other information in the app. 

Once the driver arrives, you’ll have 5 minutes free waiting time instead of the usual 2. 

If you take longer to get ready, you’ll be charged according to the wait time fee indicated in the category detail view. Don’t worry — if the driver arrives early, the waiting time doesn’t start before the pick-up window closes!

How to cancel an upcoming ride

We understand plans change. That’s why you can cancel requests free of charge up to 1 hour before your scheduled pick-up. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Bolt app;
  2. Tap the menu button and go to My Rides;
  3. Select the upcoming ride you wish to cancel;
  4. Scroll down and tap Cancel.

Remember, you’ll be charged a cancellation fee if you cancel a trip less than an hour before the scheduled pick-up. 

How to pay for a pre-booked ride

You can pay as you would for any other Bolt rides — with an active in-app payment method. 

Please note that we may verify your card to check its validity. The actual charge only occurs after you’ve completed the trip.

Ready to go? 

If you’ve got a can’t-miss event planned, it’s the perfect time to use the Scheduled Rides feature!

Download the Bolt app today and enjoy the ride!

The Scheduled Rides feature will be rolled out gradually.

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