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Kutaisi is the 3rd most populous city in Georgia, traditionally, second in importance, after the capital city of Tbilisi. David the Builder Kutaisi International Airport is an airport located 14 km (8.70 mi) west of Kutaisi. It is one of three international airports currently in operation in Georgia. Bolt will find you a great ride at the tap of a button.

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Get a fast, convenient ride

1.5 ₾ base
0.6 ₾ km +  0.1 ₾ min
2 ₾ minimum
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The most affordable way to move

1 ₾ base
0.5 ₾ km +  0.1 ₾ min
1.5 ₾ minimum
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A 6-seater, perfect for larger groups

0.8 ₾ base
0.8 ₾ km +  0.12 ₾ min
3 ₾ minimum
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Fast deliveries

2 ₾ base
3 ₾ minimum

Fares are estimates only. Prices may vary based on traffic conditions, unforseeable delays, discounts and other factors.

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